Courtney Kemps Reveals Mecca’s Character Is Based On Whitey Bulgar & Why Tariq Requested 2 Million


In the nine episodes of Season 2, Power Book II: Ghost, Dante Spears, AKA Mecca, paid Tariq St. Patrick a visit in his dorm room once he found that St.Patrick had his bag with his ring that planted a tracker. However, before Tariq entered his dorm, he called Davis Maclean to discover who Dante Spears was.

Maclean warned Tariq that Spears was a government informant and gave him the name that he snitched on. During the exchange between Spears and St. Patrick, he requested $2 million in an offshore account. Tariq was asked why he felt that he deserved $2 million, and he replied that many people would pay to see where Dante Spears is at?

Spears replied, “you’ll get access after I have that bag.”

On Tuesday night, Courtney Kemp was on Instagram Live for her weekly Q &A recap. First, she was asked what does Tariq needs $2 million for? She replied, “Tariq wants $2 million for his family and more that will be explained in later episodes.”

Kemp was also asked why did they make Mecca a Snitch?

“Mecca is a snitch it is based on Whitey Bulger. Those of you who know who Whitey Bulger is. But, Whitey Bulger was a criminal, and the very short version of it, he was allowed while he was informing on everyone else, the FBI let him continue his business,” Kemp shared.

“They let him go on and be a criminal and eventually he did go fugitive and he had to be caught, but that’s who it’s based on. It’s based on a real story. We don’t make up everything. We like to have something based on fact.”

The final episode of Power Book II: Ghost will be on Sunday, February 6, at 8 pm EST.

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Written by Landon Buford

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