Could Lauren Baldwin Be Alive After Courtney Kemp Dodges Direct Question Of Is She Alive? Then Drops A Hint About Tariq St. Patrick’s Future


Power Book II: Ghost season two ended two weeks ago with Mecca dying at the hands of Monet Tejada and her son Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross killed by her husband, Lorenzo Tejada. However, Monet is unaware of who ended her son’s life at this moment.

Earlier this month, Courtney Kemp sat down with Entertainment Weekly and discussed some of the events in the season finale.

In episode 9, we gave Monet a very specific line: “Zeke isn’t good at thinking things through for himself.” So when he starts to think things through for himself, what happens? “Said Kemp.

“He gets himself into terrible trouble. And the repercussions from what he’s done by going behind everyone’s back to Det. Whitman (Jeff Hephner) will reverberate through season 3. It’s a mess, for sure.”

Something else interesting that Kemp shared when asked if Lauren Baldwin was dead, Kemp said she couldn’t answer that. However, Jenny Sullivan informed Cooper Saxe that Baldwin died in a car accident with no license plates in the season finale. Saxe later relayed that message to his client Tariq St. Patrick of what happened to Lauren.

The last time we saw Lauren, she was knocked out by Effie Morales and put into her car; then, she returned to Tariq St. Patrick’s dorm room with a guilty look on her face. Kemp in her interview with Entertainment Weekly also avoids the question of if Baldwin is dead. Then shares, there will be a woman that makes Tariq, later on, choose between the streets or the boardroom.

“Somewhere in Tariq’s future, there will be a woman in his life who demands that he make a choice between the boardroom and the street,” said Kemp.

“And that choice, and that woman, that’s going to become a very difficult dilemma for Tariq, as he goes forward. The quote that I just gave you is for the series Ghost, it’s not for the next season. For next season, what I would tease is that there will be fault lines drawn between Tariq and his friends, for various reasons.”

Lauren’s body was not shown in the season finale, and if she is still alive, this is something we have already seen on Power before. If you look back at Power Book, in season two where Kanan Stark survives being set on fire by Ghost and escapes. Then he returns in season three, recovering at his cousin Jukebox spot before resurfacing, seeking revenge on Ghost through his son Tariq in season four.

The person that Kemp is referring to could be Lauren Baldwin. Like his father, Ghost thought Angela Valdez was his way out of the drug game. Baldwin was someone that the younger St. Patrick thought was his way out.

We will have to see how this all plays out moving forward in the Power Book II: Ghost series. Courtney Kemp definitely spilled some tea on her way out the door. She will still receive executive producer credit, but she has left Lionsgate and Starz for Netflix reported by last August.

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Written by Landon Buford

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