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Monet Tejada Will Not Be Killed By Diana Tejada Like Ghost Was Bodied By Tariq St. Patrick, Says Courtney Kemp

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Last week, Courtney Kemp was on Instagram Live for her weekly Q& A recap from episode 8. During that discussion, a fan asked Kemp if Diana Tejada would kill Monet and said that wouldn’t be the case.

“I know what the outcome is, and it is not,” said Kemp.

Another fan asked if Diana and Monet’s relationship going to get worse?

“I don’t know how it can’t get worse, to be honest with you. This is not going to be great.”

In episode eight, Diana Tejada exposed her whole family at the dinner table, telling her father that Cane had replaced the product with sugar.

Also, Dru was still seeing Everett Neal, Monet was Zeke’s mother, his father was Dante Spears, and Monhadhas had been sleeping with him. At the end of episode eight, it was revealed that Spears was a government informant, and he squealed on Felipe Lobos to save himself.

If you aren’t familiar with the show in the original Power series, James St. Patrick, aka Ghost, was killed at his club Truth by his son Tariq St. Patrick. James was going to turn his son into the police for killing a dirty cop named Raymond Jones, aka Ray Ray getting his revenge for him killing his twin sister; this happened at the end of season six.

Make sure you catch the final episode of season two of Power Book II: Ghost on Sunday at 8 Pm EST.

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Written by Landon Buford

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