Powers’ Tariq St. Patrick Shutdown Brayden Weston’s Idea To Sell Drugs At Weston Holdings [Watch]

In a preview clip of episode 2 of season three of Power Book II: Ghost, Brayden Weston had a risky plan to sell drugs through Weston Holdings, a company founded by his father, to expand his drug empire. He believed that he could use the resources and connections of the company to distribute drugs on a larger scale. However, his plan was soon shut down by Tariq St. Patrick, who saw the potential legal and reputational consequences of such a move.

Tariq St. Patrick, who had already been involved in the drug trade, knew the risks associated with being involved in the drug business. He understood that if Weston Holdings was associated with drug sales, it would not only damage the reputation of the company but also put the entire family at risk. Tariq saw the bigger picture and realized that it was not worth the risk, even if it meant passing on a lucrative opportunity.

“Guys, I think we’re overlooking a sick market. The traders at Western Holdings would eat this s*** up… Raiq ? ” Said Weston.

In the end, Tariq’s decision to shut down Weston’s plan was the right one, as it prevented the family from being exposed to legal and social repercussions.

“F*** out of here. Are you dumb? N****, you just told the whole f***ing world you sell drugs. You are hotter than Stansfield right now. Now, we are not selling s*** anywhere near the name has anything to do with it,” said St. Patrick.

Brayden Weston’s determination to work at Weston Holdings after being kicked out of school at Stansfield is a testament to his desire to restore his family’s name. His dedication to his work and personal growth shows that he is willing to do what it takes to achieve his goals and make his family proud.

You can watch Power Book II: Ghost Season Three on Power At 8 pm on Friday Nights.

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