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Wack 100 Would Like To Bring Healthier Restaurants To Urban Communities In Los Angeles

Wack 100 would like to bring healthier food into the urban areas in Los Angeles, California. He was on Clubhouse in the 100 Ent room, when the topic of incorporating more nutritious food options in urban areas compared to your Taco Bells, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Popeyes, and other unhealthy choices.

According to Wack, if you want to eat healthy in the Los Angeles area, you have to travel to Hollywood.

CEO Reek also asked Wack what type of things you consider when looking to franchise something?

“I think what stops me now, and I want to create the movement because for us to get some healthy food Simply Green or any of that s***. We must go to Hollywood or Santa Monica, and we have none in the ghetto,” said Wack.

“There’s always a McDonald’s, Carls Jr., Burger King, or a f**** Wendy’s. We don’t have anything that is just touching anything in the ghetto. So whether it can be a variety of vegan or just healthy s***, I think it was put there. We would eat it and eat what was in front of us.”

He added, “We need to have a spot where n**** can say I want to change my diet. It is hard for n**** because doing it at home. If you drive down the street, Popeyes pops up, and you are like, let me grab some chicken strip, but if you put a spot right there that’s healthy, and you can pull in there and get you will.”

Wack was also recently in the news for confirming that he is now 6ix9ine’s manager in an interview with Complex.

“I got full control and said,” he said of their arrangement. “It started off as a business partner situation, but I’m over his next project. He’s still signed to Create [Music Group] and 10K, that’s his label. I’m taking the reins on the management side to make sure everything is right and the rollout is right.

“What he gets with me is a guy answering his phone calls and emails. He gets a guy that makes sure his marketing is right, his radio is right, his pub is right, his splits are right. And he gets the resources I have to open those doors up that may have been closed on him.”

Wack also shared with Complex that he has collaborated with 6ix9ine and the NBA Young Boy.

“6ix9ine’s got something coming with NBA YoungBoy that I’m putting together. So y’all look out for that. 2022, we coming.”

Something that he has been talking about on Clubhouse since this past December.

“It’s already done,” said Wack 100. 6ix9ine’s European tour is done; his radio promo is already worked out. Yo, this is me. Business is business.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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