Redman Reveals Why He’s Not Playing Theo Rollins On Power Book II: Ghost [Watch]

The fans of the hit TV show Power were in for a surprise when season 3 premiered. The character of Theo, portrayed by Redman in the previous season, was now being played by a different actor – Jordan Mahome. Fans were shocked and confused, wondering why the change was made. Some speculated that Redman may have left the show due to scheduling conflicts or other personal reasons.

Turns out he walked away because it required him to get vaccinated because of COVID.

“I walked away from it because they wanted me to be vaccinated and I’m not vaccinating s***, ” Redman via HitStory Makers.

Courtney A. Kemp, the creator of the hit TV series “Power,” had an idea to add some star power to the show by bringing in Redman to portray Method Man’s brother. The two rappers have a long history of working together, having collaborated on numerous projects in the past. Method Man was immediately on board with the idea and gave his approval for Redman to join the cast.

Adding Redman to the show not only brought a familiar face to the screen, but also added another layer of authenticity to the already gritty and realistic portrayal of the drug underworld. Both Method Man and Redman are known for their raw, unapologetic style of rap, which translated seamlessly to their on-screen performances. The chemistry between the two was palpable, and their scenes together added a level of depth and complexity to the already complex relationship between their characters. Overall, the addition of Redman to the cast was a smart move by Kemp, and a welcomed addition by fans of the show.

Method Man last month talked about working with Redman in an interview Vibe.

“It was dope,” said Method Man, who plays Davis MacLean in the Power Universe. “I mean, that was Courtney’s [Kemp] idea. And of course, before she even finished the sentence, I was kind of more or less like, ‘Say less. I got them. Let’s bring him in.’”

“It’s always dope to work with somebody you’ve worked with over the years, but just not somebody that you’ve always worked with, but someone that you trust as far as stage performances and things like that,” the Staten Island-native continued. “So anytime you put Redman and Method Man on-screen together, not only are you going to get chemistry, you going to get synergy, as well as professionalism.”

Two years ago, Kemp revealed that it would be her dream to get Redman to play Daves MacLean brother on the show.

“My dream is to get Redman to do it,” Kemp told TVLine at the time. “That’s my dream… but I don’t know yet. We haven’t gotten there yet.”

Then it was announced that he would be playing Theo Rollins, but because of the stipulation to be vaccinated that quickly came to an end.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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