Power Book II: Ghost’s LightSkinKeisha Reveals How Landed The Part As BruShandria Carmichael [Watch]

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This week on The Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr & Gianni Paolo, their guest is LightSkinKeisha. If you are unfamiliar with Keisha she plays BruShandria Carmichael on Power Book II: Ghost. During the episode Keisha shared how she landed the role.

“One of my friends was like, Courtney Kim follows you, and I was like, who’s going to give? They were like okay she’s like the executive producer of power. I was like, that’s what? That’s what’s up, you know? Because you were, did you watch the show? So here I got a tweet about it. I tweeted I remember when power was like everybody was talking about Power, and I’m like, what the f*** is this show Power, and I’m like, what is this show? I’ve never watched it. I’m gonna get into it, and it’s like years later, here I am,” said Keisha.

“It’s crazy, but I wasn’t watching it then, boom. So, then like, my agent hit me up. He’s like they want you to be on the spin-off of power, and I’m like the spin-off of Power. I’m like, what is it, and he’s like, Power Book 2 goes something like that, and I’m like dead a**. I thought it was a joke. I thought somebody was trying to scam me because it was like it’s too good to be true.”

 It’s crazy because the news was like, what did I do to deserve this? So, what do you mean by a spinoff of Power? I’m like, what you talking about? So he, like yeah, they want you to like they want to fly you out, so he’s doing all that. I’m like, all right yeah we’ll see you, man. So they keeping telling me everything they’re giving them updates. So, usually when I travel I take my two security  blah blah blah you know boom. He’s like the only this is when go up there you can’t take no security. So, I’m like these mother f***ers are trying to rob me. [Turns out I was going to] a straight fitting [at Steiner]. “

She continued, “I’m saying they are trying to set me up. Somebody’s trying to kill me or something. I don’t know what the f*** I did. I’m five-eight you see what I’m saying, thick like a milkshake, making it shake like an earthquake. If I go up there, I was like, okay, I’ll see they didn’t book the flight and everything. So, I’m like, you know, when I go up there, we see, but if somebody tries to try me, I’m not going down without a fight. That will be my story, but I was like, okay. I was skeptical and scared because I was like, ” Oh my God, you didn’t talk to anyone.

You didn’t speak to Courtney. It was just your agent being like I haven’t even met Courtney yet. I was like, what the f***. So, it was up until we pulled up to Steiner right, and I went in and saw the signs like Ghost’s wardrobe. I’m like; this s*** is real. So I’m like, what the f*** like they doing the fitting and s***. I’m like, oh my gosh, and then this was back season one where they were doing as the end table reads.”

Keisha received a straight offer from Courtney Kemp. Apparently, Kemp told Michael Rainey Jr, that she was creating a character off of LightskinKeisha, in which Rainey share that you can’t write a character about LightskinKeisha and not have anyone else play the character. So, Rainey Jr. told Kemp to go get Keisha to play the part.

She would then reveal that she didn’t meet Kemp until the first table read.

According to Kemp, fell in love with LightSkin Keisha off her IG.

“Can I tell you guys a story about that because that’s so great I became obsessed with her. I had no idea I’ve never watched, I confess I’ve never watched any of those Love and Hip Hops or any like anything like that,” said Kemp.

“I don’t watch any of that, and much to the detriment my writers were always like how do you know who this person is. I fell in love with Lightskin Keisha off her IG literally off her IG, and I was like we have to have this person in the show.”

Speaking of LightSkinKeisha, Last year she was interviewed by Nick Hamilton of Nitecast Media, who talked about being motivated by her Ghost’s castmates.

Power Book II: Ghost Season Three debuts on March 17th.

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Written by Landon Buford

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