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Magic’s Paolo Banchero’s Hilarious Take on Zeke Cross from Power Book II: Ghost

Paolo Banchero, a rising star in the world of basketball, recently appeared on The Crew Has It Podcast alongside Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo, where they discussed various aspects of life and entertainment. One topic that ignited laughter and conversation was the portrayal of Zeke Cross, Gianni Paolo’s character in the hit TV series Power Book II: Ghost. Banchero’s humorous take on Zeke Cross shed light on how the character’s quirky personality added a comedic twist to the show.

In the podcast, Paolo Banchero didn’t hold back when sharing his thoughts on Zeke Cross. He found the character to be uproariously funny, primarily due to Zeke’s peculiar facial expressions and unique way of speaking. Banchero expressed how Zeke’s attempts to come across as a serious basketball player often turned comical. While Zeke was meant to be a talented athlete on the show, his antics and expressions made him more of a humorous figure.

Banchero particularly highlighted moments when Zeke found himself in trouble and had to answer difficult questions. According to Banchero, Zeke’s response was priceless, often claiming he didn’t know much. This humorous portrayal of Zeke’s cluelessness added a refreshing and entertaining dimension to the character’s persona.

Despite the humor and exaggeration in Zeke Cross’s character, Paolo Banchero acknowledged that there was some truth to his storyline. In Power Book II: Ghost, Zeke is depicted as a promising NBA draft prospect, and his family pins high hopes on his success. Banchero pointed out that while the show played up the comedic aspect of Zeke’s obliviousness to everything but basketball, this portrayal has a degree of reality.

Many young athletes, like Zeke, often become single-minded in their pursuit of a professional sports career, to the exclusion of almost everything else. Banchero explained that this laser-focused approach to their sport is common among aspiring athletes, and Zeke’s character represents an exaggerated version of this mindset.

One of the most memorable moments in Zeke Cross’s storyline is when his path to the NBA takes an unexpected turn. Paolo Banchero chuckled as he recalled how Zeke “got smoked” on the private jet (PJ). This twist in the storyline added an element of unpredictability and depth to Zeke’s character, breaking away from the typical sports narrative often seen on television.

Paolo Banchero’s lighthearted and humorous take on Zeke Cross from Power Book II: Ghost gives fans a fresh perspective on the character’s portrayal in the series. Zeke’s comical facial expressions, clueless demeanor, and unexpected journey to the NBA all contributed to his memorable character. While the character was meant to entertain, it also shed light on the unique challenges and single-mindedness that young athletes often experience on their journey to success. Banchero’s insight adds a layer of appreciation for the complexity of Zeke’s character, making us laugh while reflecting on the realities of sports and ambition.

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