Mary J. Blige Reveals She & Woody McClain Went Off Script During Dinner Scene Ep 08 Of Season Two & Caught Everyone Off Guard


Last Season on Power Book II: Ghost, the Tejada family, was sitting at the dinner when Diana Tejada, played by LaToya Tonodeo, talked about everyone’s secrets, including Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Cross being Monet Tejada’s son and not her nephew. She revealed to the family that Monet was sleeping with Zeke’s father, Dante Spears, known as Mecca.

On an Instagram Live with Power Book II: Ghost Creator Courtney Kemp, also revealed that it took two days to film the legendary dinner scene.

“We shot it over two days Shana [Stein] was not playing. There was this one part that people don’t know; originally, when we did our coverage, Mary J. Blige [Monet Tejada] was actually seated. So, when they went to her coverage, she decided to lunge; she told Woody McClain [Cane Tejada], yeah, I’m going to lunge at her; I had no idea. So, when she jolted up and at me,” said Tonodeo.

“Let me tell you; I was really low-key nervous. I was like, whoa, and went towards my dad to save me. She threw the napkin, and you all didn’t catch it visually; it went on my face, and I was trying to move it.

It was the most fun, and we literally fed off each other we weren’t playing. Everyone in that room brought it the energy; it was literally the nuclear dinner. Like it was written in our arc, the nuclear dinner. It was the best. I love that scene.”

And this week on The Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr & Gianni Paolo, they had Mary J. Blige as their guest. She plays Monet Tejada revealed that She and Woody McClain, who plays [Cane Tejada] went off script.

“First of all, when we were rehearsing it, it was done like, okay, this would never be done like this in this household, right. So, when we took a break. Woody and I were speaking; I said yo, this is what I want you to do. We’re not going to tell nobody what we’re going to do, but I’m just going to jump up and try to choke the s*** out of Diana, and you’re going to stop me,” said Blige.

“That’s how that whole thing went. That wasn’t even written. That was just Woody and me. And we surprised everybody. I was like yeah, so what was Toya’s reaction? Oh, she was looking really, and it was crazy, and they went and got Shana [Stein], and all of them went and got Courtney. Nobody told Courtney what was going to happen, and everybody was standing around , and when the s*** happened. So, everybody is like Monet is going to killer her.”

She added we are not going to sit at the table and LaToya is blasting everybody. “My mom would have jumped across that table and just choked and dragged me all through the house. So, I said I’m do what my mom would have did. This what are going to do Woody and snuck it on them.”

Make sure tune into season three of Ghost later this year.

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Written by Landon Buford

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