Ex-Lakers Guard Gary Payton & Others Talk About Kobe Bryant’s Legacy

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Earlier this Year, reported that Netflix and ESPN will be releasing a series based on the life of Los Angeles great Kobe Bryant, better known as “Black Mamba.”

Bryant’s former teammate Gary Payton and others have recently shared their thoughts on Bryant’s legacy and upcoming Documentary.

Payton wasn’t the only one who shared their thought about the recent Hall of Fame inductee.

“Well, it’s going to be great I’m going to be a part of that, a matter of fact, and it is always a good thing. I hate that my young fella is gone, but he left a hell of a legacy.

But, we will never forget him in our prayers and life. So, it’s going to be good,” said Payton following Bivouac’s 50-43 victory over Nancy Lieberman’s Power team.

“Well, with Kobe’s documentary coming, it will be something special. I think people really get the chance to know him as a person, as opposed to a basketball player. His legacy goes beyond anything that we could imagine because of how he carried himself and played this game,” said Michael Cooper.

“One of the best that ever done it. He left too soon congratulations too his wife & kids stay strong, and I can’t wait to see it, said Charles Oakley.

“His legacy is unmatched by anybody. Kobe is one of the greatest players ever to play. We will never forget what he brought to the game and meant to so many guys that played basketball. Guys will never forget him and the Mamba Mentality giving it all he’s got. Working to the level, he became one of the best players ever. I don’t anyone will forget what he means to everyone,” said Jason Richardson.

“When you hear Kobe, It’s greatness; It’s hard work, It’s dedication… His legacy is what inspired players like me in high school & future players. Everybody wants to be great, but nobody knows how to get there. Just listen to him talk and speak about what it takes to be great. Some things could be cruel if you don’t have the heart, but that is what made him great,” said Arenas.

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Written by Landon Buford

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