Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis Violates 2-Time Super Bowl Champ LeSean McCoy [Watch]

On April 16, 2022, two of boxing’s brightest stars will square off in what promises to be an electrifying matchup. Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis, both known for their explosive power and speed, will compete for the WBA lightweight title in what many are calling the biggest fight in boxing in the last five years.

As the fight draws closer, anticipation and excitement are reaching fever pitch, and everyone from boxing experts to casual fans are making their predictions. Recently, LeSean McCoy, former NFL running back and avid boxing fan, was asked for his opinion on who he thinks will come out on top in this highly anticipated bout.

McCoy’s criticism of Davis’ physical attributes is not entirely unfounded. At 5’5″ and with a 67-inch reach, Davis is considered small for a professional boxer. In contrast, Garcia stands at 5’10” with a 70-inch reach, giving him a distinct advantage in terms of size and reach.

“Tank is small, small arms & who has tank fought? He hasn’t fought anybody good.”

Moreover, McCoy’s comment on Davis’ lack of quality opposition is also a valid concern. While Davis has an impressive record of 24 wins and 0 losses with 23 knockouts, many of his opponents have been relatively unknown or not considered top-level competition.

On the other hand, Garcia’s record of 21 wins and 0 losses with 18 knockouts includes victories over respected fighters such as Luke Campbell and Francisco Fonseca. Garcia’s impressive performances against high-level opponents give him a legitimate claim as a top-level contender in the lightweight division.

While McCoy’s prediction may not sit well with Davis’ fans, it is worth considering his points regarding Davis’ physical limitations and lack of quality opposition. However, in the unpredictable world of boxing, anything can happen, and only time will tell who will come out on top in the Garcia-Davis showdown.

Davis caught wind of what McCoy said and responded with, “I heard he like men..He need to stfu before I slap the shit outta him.”

— Gervonta Davis (@Gervontaa) March 10, 2023

McCoy replied, “lil guy you to light to box wit me I guess you still mad cuz I did WHAT to you kno WHO…. Let’s keep that between me n You.”

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Written by Nick White

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