Former UFC Champion Conor McGregor Wants To See Rematch Between Garcia & Davis Without Rehydration Clause [Watch]

McGregor, known for his outspoken nature and keen eye for combat sports, has been following the careers of Garcia and Davis closely. He believes that a rematch between the two fighters without a rehydration clause would allow them to compete at their natural weight and maximize their performance potential. A rehydration clause typically limits the amount of weight a fighter can gain after weighing in, which can affect their strength, power, and overall performance in the ring. McGregor, being a former UFC champion who has experienced the challenges of making weight and fighting at the highest level, understands the impact of such clauses on fighters and believes that a rematch without this restriction would provide a fairer and more exciting contest.

McGregor’s support for a rematch without a rehydration clause reflects his passion for combat sports and his desire to see the best fights possible. As an avid spectator and participant in combat sports, McGregor’s opinion carries weight in the combat sports community. His call for a rematch between Garcia and Davis without a rehydration clause is likely to generate buzz and spark discussions among fans, fighters, and promoters alike, adding another layer of intrigue to the potential rematch between these two talented young boxers.

Garcia post the a video on his Instagram page featuring McGregor stating that he wants to see both fighter run it back with the caption that reads, “All good he’s up on me! I went thru fire for this fight 🔥 I’m going to come back stronger!! Rack up a couple more wins to run this back! Hopefully we can do it at 140 no clauses! Great Job to gervonta great fight and fighter!!! 🥊👑”

Garcia went down in the 7th round to Davis with a body shot that put him on one knee after a delayed reaction, and he couldn’t beat the official’s ten count.

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Written by Andrew Blitz

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