Nothing Happen With Andy Reid… Andy Reid Wasn’t The Issue, Hall Of Famer Terrell Owens

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The Philadelphia Eagles made headlines in 2004 as they added Terrell Owens to a team already in contention for the Super Bowl. Owens getting passes from Donovan McNabb was a lovely thing. Yet their off-field chemistry was not consistent with field production.

A former McNabb team-mate observed something about his former quarterback that may have led to the dispute with Owens.

The All-Pro Wideout Terrell Owens was traded to the Ravens for a second-round pick in the 2004 draft, according to

However, he would last very long in Baltimore as he was traded again to the Eagles in a three-team trade and was later signed to a seven-year deal worth $49 million.

The Eagles would finally be able to get past the NFC Championship Game and reach the Super Bowl the first year Owens was in Philadelphia against the England Patriots. They would go on to lose that game. The following season, Owens would get suspended for the rest of 2005 after getting into with Donovan McNabb. In 2006, the Eagles would cut the future Hall of Famer.

Owens was on a recent episode of the Club Shay Shay podcast; Shannon Shape asked Owens who he liked to face in a boxing match.

Owens didn’t pull any punches, as he adamantly said, McNabb.

“I’ll be controlled,” Owens told Sharpe. “It’ll be controlled anger. I’d be like a Navy Seal. I’d be a Navy Seal because you know they’re cool, calm under all conditions. But there would be a fire burning inside of me.”

Sharpe even asked Owens if he thought he could knock out his old quarterback.

“Clean out,” Owens declared. “I’d knock the Chunky Soup from him. From 2004, trust me.”

For those that aren’t familiar with the Chunk Soup reference came when McNabb was the spokesperson.

Earlier this week, Terrell Owens was on Instagram Live with DeSean Jackson, and Owens was asked what happened with Andy Reid.

“Nothing happened with Andy Reid. It wasn’t Andy Reid. Andy Reid was not the issue… He’s phony and a fake, but he’s the team’s quarterback and captain,” said Owens.

“So management and ownership they are going to ride with them. I was like the black sheep. They are going to say anything that went wrong; it’s his fault. The narrative that they put out there prevented me from getting into the Hall of Fame.”

Jackson also mentioned what he said about McNabb on I Am Athlete along side LeSean McCoy, Brandon Marshall and Adam “Pacman” Jones, Jackson. Elected to share how his and McNabb’s relationship to a turn during the 2009 season.

In his second season of the NFL, Jackson shined for the Eagles with 62 landings, 1156 yards and nine career touchdowns. He also returned a pair of kicks for touchdowns and was named a Pro Bowl starter as a receiver and expert comeback.

“When the ballots came out, and they found out that I was the first player in NFL history to get elected to start in the Pro Bowl for two positions, my starting quarterback tells [backup] Michael Vick, ‘Damn, I don’t think he should’ve got that. He shouldn’t have deserved that,” Jackson said. “Like, you’re telling another quarterback that your receiver — that you throw to, your receiver — that he didn’t deserve that.”

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Written by Byron Nelson

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