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JAG Talks Landing ‘I Am Athlete’ Podcast Theme Song & Impressing Lil Wayne With His Bars

Courtesy of I Am Athlete

Chad Johnson, Brandon Marshall [The wide receiver], Pac-Man Jones, and Omar Kelly hosted the ‘I Am Athlete’ podcast.

One of their most recent episodes featured an all-star panel that included Lil Wayne and Chubby JAG or South Central JAG, depending on your familiarity with his early mixtapes.

The episode features a segment where there was a rap cipher featuring Euro, College Boy, Jag, Pac Jones. The artist you hear in the podcast’s opening credits and its ending credits makes Hip Hop Icon Lil Wayne jump out of his seat and break glasses off the bars during that segment.

Recently JAG spoke to us on how the opportunity presented itself to showcase his talent in front of Lil Wayne.

“I wrote the theme music for ‘I AM Athlete’ Podcast. I was reached out by Brandon Marshall one day. He asked did I write that, and of course, I said yeah, and he said, ‘I want to fly you out here and give you your flowers. I want to talk more and talk business and continue a dialog to see where it goes. ‘ So I took the first trip there, and it was lovely. I filmed a video with them, and interviews stayed for a while and had a great time,” said JAG.

“He said Wayne is coming here and I want you to be here when he does and I want you to pick the beat because we want him to freestyle. That was the plan at first for Wayne to freestyle and they said they wanted me to freestyle as well, and we are going to go from there. Then they kind of winged the situation when Wayne finally got there. They did half the interview and then they set it up where we got to the rapping part, and that basically seems it up how I got in front of Wayne, Marshall, and Ocho.”

So, what was it like for JAG to freestyle in front of one of his idols?

“It was amazing! I think in any field, we always look up to whoever the higher-ups are and try to impress them and get the validation that the work that I put in is definitely real and I am as good as I thought I was. So, it was a beautiful thing for me, I’m blessed to be able to rap in front of Lil Wayne. He is one of our GOATS and he is definitely going down on the Mount Rushmore in rap.”

After being if anything was in the works with Wayne, he added, “I can’t talk about it at this time, but I will be hitting people with a lot of things this year.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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