Stephen A. Smith and Terrell Owens: A Feud in the Spotlight

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith is no stranger to voicing his opinions loudly and unapologetically. His recent comments about his former First Take co-host, Max Kellerman, and the subsequent social media exchange with former NFL star Terrell Owens have set the sports world abuzz. It’s a feud that seems to have deep roots, and it doesn’t look like it will be resolved anytime soon.

Stephen A. Smith’s split from Max Kellerman on ESPN’s First Take was met with mixed reactions from fans. Smith recently opened up about the departure, explaining that he simply “didn’t like working with him.” This candid admission left some wondering about the dynamics of their partnership behind the scenes.

Terrell Owens, known for his charismatic personality and outspoken nature, couldn’t resist jumping into the conversation. He reacted to an old First Take clip from 2019 where he claimed that Kellerman acted “more black” than Smith did. This lighthearted jab may have been an attempt to add some humor to the situation.

Smith, however, didn’t take Owens’ comments lightly. He publicly blasted Owens on social media, making it clear that he harbored strong feelings about the former NFL star. Smith’s tweet was direct and unequivocal: “Now… as for this dude, that’s an entirely different story,” Smith wrote about Owens. “You know how I feel about your sorry *** and you know why! You should thank your Heavenly Father I haven’t zeroed in on you with the trifling **** you tried to pull. Tell folks to ask ESPN what your desperate *** tried to pull. Keep on talking. Eventually, you’ll expose yourself!”

In response to Smith’s scathing words, Owens didn’t back down. He asserted his loyalty to Max Kellerman, affirming that he’s still “Team Max” and insisted that he has “nothing to hide.” Owens addressed the issue of a text conversation that Smith had shared without his consent, revealing that it had led to legal action against ESPN. He also pointed out that he had encountered Smith in Colorado, suggesting that Smith should have addressed their issues face-to-face at that time.

It’s clear that there is no love lost between Stephen A. Smith and Terrell Owens. The exchange on social media has brought their simmering feud into the spotlight, revealing underlying tensions and grievances. While it’s uncertain what exactly sparked this feud, it’s evident that it’s more than just a friendly disagreement. The public exchange of words suggests that this conflict may continue to play out in the public eye.

The feud between Stephen A. Smith and Terrell Owens has captivated sports fans and media alike. While the exact nature of their grievances remains shrouded in mystery, their public exchange on social media has shed light on the deep-seated animosity between the two personalities. As they continue to air their grievances in the public arena, it’s clear that this feud is far from over and may continue to make headlines in the world of sports and entertainment.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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