Your Ex Impresses With New EP Interludes & Daydreams p.2

Singer/songwriter/producer Your Ex is an LA native who found a passion for music at a young age that later flourished into a deep exploration of the arts. As an independent artist, Your Ex took a spot on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Best Of Alternative R&B playlists with his single “BUT HER LOVE” in 2021, and he is now back for the first time in two years with brand-new music in the form of EP Interludes & Daydreams p.2.

Featuring lo-fi beats and Your Ex’s smooth, warm vocals, the five-track project is another impressive offering and the perfect follow-up to 2021’s Interludes & Daydreams p.1. Among the five tracks is new single “Everything You Need”, which is one of Your Ex’s favourite tracks he’s released to date. The project looks set to see him continue where he left off two years ago and reach new heights, and with a third part in the EP series already in the works, he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Speaking further on the new EP, Your Ex says, “I wanted to create something authentic to me, neither explicitly modern nor overtly commercial. There’s a thread within my music that fans will soon find. When writing these songs, I tend to dive in and out of past and present situations, dissecting lessons and exposing personal faults that in the past have been difficult to come face to face with. The series of Interludes & Daydreams is about specific moments in a shared timeline that kinda defined who I am now.

“This is for those that are looking for an explanation or some validation for their blurred emotions. Love can be a crushingly confusing place, even when it’s real.” Interludes & Daydreams p.2 is available to buy/stream now on all platforms:

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