Charleston White Sounds Off-On Getting Pressed By Crew Defending Nipsey Hussle’s Name & Reacts To Pepper Spraying Them [Watch]

Controversial YouTuber Charleston White is no stranger to making headlines for his outspoken opinions and unconventional actions. Once again, he has found himself at the center of attention after a series of incidents that unfolded during a fiery face-off and weigh-in for the ICB North American Lightweight Championship. What began as a tense showdown escalated into a pepper spray altercation, followed by a backstage fight with his opponent Suede the Plug God and a confrontation involving his comments about the late Nipsey Hussle.

A viral video captured the tense moment at the weigh-in between Charleston White and his opponent, Suede the Plug God. As the two faced each other on stage, tensions were palpable. Suede repeatedly yelled out, “Where he at?” before suddenly shoving White in the chest, causing him to stagger backward. White regained his balance and quickly retrieved a bottle of mace, infamous for being his preferred weapon of choice.

In a swift motion, White directed the mace at Suede’s face, releasing a debilitating spray that left Suede scrambling backward, desperately trying to shield himself from the effects. The shocking scene unfolded in a matter of seconds, leaving the crowd stunned by the unexpected turn of events.

Following the fiery face-off incident, the tension between Charleston White and Suede escalated even further. White reportedly engaged in a physical altercation with Suede backstage, highlighting the intense emotions that were running high.

Additionally, White found himself in yet another confrontation, this time with a group of men who were critical of his comments about the late Nipsey Hussle. White’s controversial remarks had already stirred up controversy, and this incident further ignited the flames of the ongoing feud.

Charleston White’s actions in the wake of these incidents have been met with mixed reactions. While some were quick to label the pepper spray incident as a stunt, White unapologetically defended his actions. He asserted that he was an amateur professional boxer and that he wouldn’t tolerate physical altercations outside of the boxing ring. He even went as far as stating that he could press charges for assault.

White also engaged in another fight with Suede at a hotel and was confronted about his Nipsey Hussle comments in another encounter. Through various statements, White offered his perspective on the situation, showcasing his unwavering confidence and unapologetic attitude.

Charleston White’s recent viral escapades, including the fiery face-off, the backstage brawl, and the confrontation over his comments about Nipsey Hussle, have once again thrust him into the spotlight. Whether his actions are seen as provocative or defensive, one thing is clear: Charleston White continues to captivate attention through his controversial behavior and statements.

These incidents not only shed light on White’s willingness to stand his ground, but also on the volatile nature of confrontations in the world of sports and entertainment. As discussions continue to circulate about the legitimacy of these events and the motivations behind them, it’s undeniable that Charleston White’s name remains at the forefront of public discourse.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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