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Mark Cuban on Nipsey Hussle ‘He Was Someone That Wanted To Make A Difference In His Community’

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The world has been in mourning after the news that rap icon, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle.  Hussle was gunned down at his place of business  “Marathon”  on March 31, 2019. 犀利士
friend/”>Per TMZ,  he was at Marathon to helping an old friend that was just released from after 20 years.

According to TMZ, Nipsey was at his store giving his friend some clothes so he could look presentable when he met up with his friends and family later that day.  The reason why Hussle was at his store without his security detail because he left his house on a whim. No one in his camp was aware that he even left the house. The suspect that the police identified as Eric Holder age 29. According to multiple reports, Nipsey & the suspect got into a verbal dispute which related him Nipsey and two other associates were hit with several rounds by the alleged suspect and then he ran away from the scene into a waiting car. He would then circle back and to make sure he finished the job.

Eric Holder a couple of days later would be apprehended in Bellflower, California outside of Los Angeles.

Recently, Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban had this to say about Nipsey Hussle before the Mavericks took on the 76ers in Dallas.

” His Music was great I can’t I was the worlds hugest fan, but I liked his music. But what just want he did in his community and did an entrepreneur when you listen to the words he was a grinder and somebody who want to make a difference. He wanted to change his community and his heart is in the right place and it is heartbreaking. He was just here at a Mavericks game and I met him it is just sad”, Cuban told me.

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Written by Landon Buford

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