Matt Cleare Releases Captivating New Single “Evelyne!”

Matt Cleare’s newest single, “Evelyne!”, is a captivating addition to his genre-bending music catalogue. The Miami-born, Atlanta-based artist, producer, and songwriter is gearing up for the release of his upcoming EP, Butterfly Twist!, and “Evelyne!” is the perfect taste of what’s to come. The single builds on the success of his previous hit, “4000!”, and promises to be another critical success.

With its blend of alternative R&B and rock, “Evelyne!” boasts a psychedelic and nocturnal atmosphere. The track opens with Matt’s soulful vocals crooning about a mystical woman under the moonlight, accompanied by mesmerizing electric guitar riffs and immersive drums. The eerie and captivating music video, directed by Almighty Zion, further adds to the song’s haunting and mysterious vibes.

Matt Cleare credits the shoegaze movement as a significant inspiration for “Evelyne!”. He also shares that the song draws from real-life experiences, capturing the duality of dating a dancer and the lifestyle that comes with it. The song’s gritty sound reflects the seedier side of the rock and roll scene, where bikers, psychics, and die-hard Guns N’ Roses fans converge.

The chemistry between Matt and his talented guitarist friends, Jo Darko and Edmund, is evident in the crisp and polished guitar parts in “Evelyne!”. Jo’s classical guitar skills and Edmund’s drumming prowess lend the track a unique edge, highlighting Matt’s skills as a producer.

Ultimately, “Evelyne!” is another impressive release from Matt Cleare, showcasing his innovative approach to music-making. With its haunting melodies, psychedelic aura, and gripping visuals, the track is sure to captivate listeners and leave them eagerly anticipating the release of Butterfly Twist!.

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Written by HotNewMusic

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