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Wack 100 Holds 4 Hour Celebration Room On Clubhouse In The Memory Of His Friend DJ Kay Slay

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Last night the hip-hop culture lost an Icon in DJ Kay Slay; he was 55. The legendary DJ had been fighting a four-month battle with COVID 19.

Legendary Hip Hop promoter Van Silk recently spoke to Hip Hop DX and shared, “Hip Hop lost a real gem.”

 “My dear brother is gone. I’ve known him since he was 16 years old. He was my little brother. I introduced him to many and we did a lot of things together.”

“From the mixtapes to helping him launch Straight Stuntin‘ magazine and the whole What The Science project, the world not only lost a real dedicated person to the culture of Hip Hop but a source of bridging the gap in Hip Hop. I’m gonna miss my little brother.”

Last week, Wack 100 shared on Instagram that Slay was “still fighting” and needed all the prayers he could get, “He’s been off the #ECMO machine for a couple of weeks now. Let’s continue our prayers as our brother continues to fight.”

On Sunday evening into Monday morning, Wack hosted a 4-hour Celebration room on Clubhouse in the 100 ENT Showroom to celebrate his friend DJ Kay Slay.

“This s*** was very unexpected. I expected it to happen when I expected it to happen and it didn’t happen. On that f*** machine and he came out of that s***. I gain another spiritual solder another motherf**** that I know going to be watching over me for real,” said Wack.

“Things happen for a reason, because I was supposed to go to Miami, but [DJ] Akademiks called me and told me he needed me in New York. I jump on a last-minute plane and come out here. I was supposed to leave this morning, then later at six o’clock, and I kept putting the s*** off, and then I get this f***ing call… All day, something was telling me not to move. I always go with my gut feeling.”

Wack 100 added, “Y’all gotta understand, he started the whole mixtape s***. He started the mixtape, he the first n*** to get it with the million-dollar lawsuits. He started that s***. That n*** got a wall with every artist Jim Jones, T.I all these n**** looked like they had 38 cents in their pocket and couldn’t even do nothing. He was putting them on those mixtapes and pumping them out there. He was defying s*** and keeping it real for hip-hop. Keep it real Jay-Z had the music on the radio in a chokehold. When he had the beef with Nas and Nas came with Ether all the radio stations had a block not to play it. What DJ Kay Slay say ? F*** Y’all and spun that motherf***. If that didn’t happen, it would have offset a whole bunch of other s***.”

Rest in Peace to DJ Kay Slay and sends our condolences to him and his loved ones.

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Written by Landon Buford

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