Diamond Sampson Had The Opportunity Bodied Jenard Sampson, But Cuts A Deal Instead


Last week, Diamond Sampson found out that his brother Jenard was going into business for himself; he decided to strike in episodes nine and ten of Power Book IV: Force. Unfortunately, a couple of soldiers in CBI attempted to kill Diamond at his barbershop.

Jenard called Diamond to make sure he was at the shop. Then about five minutes later, they rolled up, but Diamond was two steps ahead of them as he grabbed Adrienne and fled to his car, telling her to duck down while they were breaking into the shop, but they weren’t there. Adrienne asked Diamond if she wasn’t there, what would he have done? He replied what do you think? Then he shared that he was taking her home.

Diamond would later catch up with one of Jenard’s men and has him tied up and beaten with a bat trying to figure out who sent him. The goon told Diamond he wasn’t going to tell him anything. Then when Diamond put the bat to his throat because Blaxton had a collapsed lung and revealed it was his brother Jenard. Which Diamond said, I needed to hear it from his mouth. There was some banter back and forth before Diamond killed Blaxton.

Later on in the show, Diamond could have killed his brother because of his betrayal, but instead, they cut a deal to control territories and cut ties with each other. Stay tuned for Power Book III; Raising Kanan returns this summer.

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Written by Landon Buford

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