Tommy Egan Runs Into Kate Egan, Cancels Xmas on Irish Goon, Claudia Flynn Bodied Liliana, Blanca Rodriguez, Jenny Sullivan & Agent Medina Show Up In Force Final Episode


Tommy Egan began the final episode of season one of Power Book IV: Force by calling Vic Flynn and saying he would strive for a good solution, then he [Vic] lit me up, and a good kid is in the hospital now. Vic said he didn’t know what Egan was talking about and then blamed him for Gloria’s death. Egan told Flynn he knew he had nothing to do with that. Vic called him a liar, and then Egan asked him, ” Are you ready for a war, kid?

Then comes up with a plan with the Serbs to take the Irish Mob down one by first; he used a woman to lure one of Vic Flynn’s men outside, where he chokes him to death with a metal rope and tells one of the Serbs to send a message to the Flynns. Then he texts Claudia Flynn about a re-up with Dahila, and they agree to meet up at the Lab the next day.

After Egan checked on his nephew D-Mac and his brother JP Gibbs, he informed him that he had a Serb posted outside the door. Tommy would later leave the hospital, but not before JP tells him to find out who put his son there. He goes to this home and finds his mother, Kate Egan, looking for money within her mother’s walls. Tommy later reveals she has a grandson by JP, and of course, she wants to meet him.

Claudia Flynn would later tell her family that Tommy Egan makes Dahila, and she knew where the lab was, and they would then go there. However, Tommy and his men were waiting there and killed many more of Flynn’s men, but lucky for Vic Flynn, he was not hit. Then Egan sent a message to Claudia and Vic that said 3-0. After receiving it, Vic asked his sister what she was into with Egan and later told her that she got played.

Claudia would later catch up with Dr. Lauryn Williams and wanted to know Egan’s weaknesses to get the upper hand on his brother, whom they kidnapped after Liliana let Williams go. Then Flynn and Jenard would expose themselves as the ops.

Claudia would later kill Liliana as she tried to get the jump on the Flynns to save JP Gibbs. At the end of the episode, Blanca Rodriguez, Jenny Sullivan & Agent Medina show up with all the bodies dropping in Chicago, and the FBI can capture a photo of Egan.

Stay tuned for Power Book III; Raising Kanan returns this summer.

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Written by Landon Buford

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