Power Book IV: Force Kate Egan Returns To Power Universe


In this week’s episode of Power Book IV: Force, Tommy reveals to Liliana that he has a brother, and it is JP Gibbs in Chicago. Tommy Egan, Claudia Flynn, Liliana roll out the new product. Their re-up orders are coming in crazy, so Egan and Liliana figure out they need another cook to make Dahlia with Liliana and  Dr. Lauryn Williams.

That’s where Gibbs comes in as the third cook, and it is also a way to make some money to help pull himself out of the financial hole. He is also someone that Tommy can trust. However, later in the episode, Egan and Gibbs’ grandmother are in the hospital and on her death bed. She flatlined and passed away. Gibbs, before she did, wanted to know who Grandma Egan’s emergency contact was because he has been trying to get in touch with Kate Egan since episode one of Power Book IV: Force. Tommy has told Gibbs wasn’t going to contact his mother, and she was dead to him.

Kate must have been Grandma Egan’s emergency contact because, at the end of the episode, Gibbs told her over the phone that he was her son. Then the episode ended!

The last time we saw Kate Egan was at the end of season six of the original power when she blamed Tommy for Ghost’s death. She considered him a son after he moved in with them following the death of his father. The final words that she said to Tommy were that he could go to hell or California because they were the same thing.

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Written by Landon Buford

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