Jenard Sampson Bodies Moishe From Tommy Egan’s Organization For Dahila & Egan Knew He Couldn’t Be Trusted


If you have been following the first season of Power Book IV: Force closely, you would know that his brother has been in control of the CBI since Diamond Sampson was in prison.

However, when Diamond was released, he gave orders to members and made moves the way he only knew how.

Meaning they are very calculated and well thought out, while his brother Jenard has been moving recklessly and has seen Tommy Egan as a threat ever since he and Diamond have been pulling jobs together.

Jenard has even paid Egan’s nephew, Darnell ‘D-Mc’ Dowell, to follow him around town, which he did until he found out that he had a connection to JP Gibbs and wanted Egan to put him on in the game. But then, in episode 8 of the series, the drug Dahila hits the streets, and of course, Jenard will do anything to get his hands on it, even killing Moishe from Tommy Egan and Claudia Flynn’s organization.

Also, during the episode, Claudia Flynn suggested that they bring in CBI as distros, but Egan informed her that he already had a plan to bring Diamond in. However, both brothers have a power struggle, and their family runs deep. Once that was resolved, he wanted to bring Diamond in and told Flynn he didn’t trust Jenard. He did not want him anywhere near their business, unfortunately for Egan, his partner went behind his back and offered Diamond a ten percent deal, which he turned down, but he found out she was behind Dahila. In her case, that might not be good for her and Tommy. We will have to see how this will play out in the final two episodes of the first season.

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Written by Landon Buford

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