Tommy Egan Cancels Christmas On Serbian Twin & Pays Rodovan Mirkovic $2 Million For Protection Against Walter Flynn’s Army


In episode eight of Power Book IV: Force, the Serbs retaliated after Walter Flynn walked into their restaurant and killed three Serbs for attempting to kill Vic Flynn. After Flynn, Egan, and CBI killed many of their people earlier this season. Before the Serbs tried to kill Vic Flynn again, Tommy Egan warned Flynn to get out of town with Gloria in an untraceable car because his father disapproved of their relationship.

Unfortunately, Vic Flynn decided to leave town in his car, which was recognizable to the Serbs, and they caught him and Gloria in traffic, and a shootout occurred, which would leave Flynn alive, but Gloria dead.

Of course, Walter Flynn blamed Egan for what happened, but Egan tried to warn the younger Flynn to get out of town because his father gave him reason to worry about Gloria’s safety. In episode nine, Claudia Flynn accused Egan of putting the hit out on her brother and informed him that Gloria was dead. Egan shared with Claudia that her source for information had their facts wrong. He was telling her to consider the source. After discovering that the Flynn Family was calling in mob reinforcements from Dublin, he went to Diamond Simpson first for backup, but he declined. He stated that he had just been out of prison and didn’t want to go back for anyone.

So, Egan then went to go see Rodovan Mirkovic. When he got there, Egan asked for an army and said that Mirkovic needed to know who was coming for him. He then shared with Egan that it would cost him $1.5 million. Then Egan noted that the information he had was going to cost Mirkovic. He then offered another half a million to give up the person who killed Gloria because she was innocent. Finally, the Serbian twin, Mirkovic, allowed Tommy Egan to cancel Christmas on. Then he would get the $2 million from his apartment and then comes back to drop it off.

Claudia Flynn catches Tommy Egan with Mirkovic and runs back to her father and brother with the information. They then form a pack against Egan and the Serbs.

Also, in the episode, Egan reveals to Darnell ‘D-Mac’ McDowell that he is his uncle and JP Gibbs is his father. He would also tell JP the news, but it was while he was found in the hospital after Jenard Sampson and his crew found out that D-Mac and Marshall double-crossed CBI. They went to Gary, Indiana, to strike a deal with Cousin Buddy to get them more Dahila, and Jenard wasn’t the actual plug. Jenard and his crew pulled up on Tommy & D-Mac, and Mac was shot. Egan rushed him to the hospital immediately.

Make sure you catch the final episode of season one of Power Book IV: Force next Sunday at 8 pm EST on Starz.

Make sure you catch the final episode of season one of Power Book IV: Force next Sunday at 8 pm EST on Starz.

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Written by Landon Buford

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