Detective Seamus Bennigan Robbed Diamond Sampson For $150K Because Lieutenant Warshawski Is Blackmailing Him


In episode eight of Power Book IV: Force, Detective Seamus Bennigan was approached by Lieutenant Warshawski about him working for the Finn family. Warshawski threatened to expose Seamus Bennigan to the rest of the department if he didn’t pay him $50k. Of course, Bennigan tried to deny it, but it didn’t work. The only problem is that Seamus Bennigan is using the money he is getting from being on the Finn family’s payroll to help pay for his sister’s medical bills that cost over $100k.

However, in episode nine, Warshawski approaches Det. Seamus Bennigan gives him a timeline that he needs the full payment of the $50k deadline, and he then goes searching for Diamond Simpson and robs him at gunpoint, asks him where the safe is, and requests $100k, but Sampson offers him an extra $50K because of his guilty conscience. Simpson is the reason why Bennigan’s sister needs consistent medical attention.

Warkshawki shared that he had his eye on a new boat and a house in Lake Geneva in episode eight, and later in the episode, Vic Flynn asked Bennigan to find out who was behind Dahila so they could clear the obstacle. The police picked up some individuals, but they weren’t talking. So, Bennigan informed Flynn that they would need to double their agreement for him to find out who was behind this new drug.

Make sure you catch the final episode of season one of Power Book IV: Force next Sunday at 8 pm EST on Starz.

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Written by Landon Buford

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