Diamond Sampson Finds Out Jenard Sampson Is The Opt-In Episode 9 Of Power IV: Force


In episode eight of Power Book IV: Force, Jenard Sampson was in the barbershop with his brother Diamond when he told him that the CBI would start and end with him. He just wanted to be a part of the organization in a small capacity.

If you have been watching this series this season, you know that Jenard has been security trying to take over the organization from his brother Diamond. By the way, he’s giving the organization, its orders, and how he has been moving since the new drug Dahila hit the streets. In episode nine, Diamond comes into the shop and overhears Jenard downstairs, talking about how they would take over the organization. According to Jenard, he gave up his future for Diamond and the CBI while in prison for 15 years.

According to Movie Bot, he predicted that Diamond would eventually have to kill his brother because he is a wild card. If you know anything about wild cards, they can’t be trusted, and they are detrimental to your operation, which Jenard is in this case. He has traveled to Gary, Indiana, to recruit Cousin Buddy to help eliminate who was making Dahila.

However, in this week’s episode, D-Mac and Marshall double-crossed CBI and went behind their back and shared with Cousin Buddy that they knew the real plug for Dahila and they could get them more. Word got back to Jenard, and they went looking for D-Mac and Tommy Egan. The two parties got into a shootout, and it ended with D-Mac in the hospital. Egan would later reveal to his brother JP Gibbs that D-Mac was his son and he was his nephew.

Also, earlier in the episode, Egan made a deal with the Serbs because he knew that the Flynn family was coming after him. After all, they felt he was responsible for the hit attempt on Vic Flynn’s life. Despite him warning him about his father and since he peeped, Jenard Sampson has been a jealous loose cannon since the start of the season. Egan was offered an opportunity to join the Flynn organization, but he declined the offer.

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Written by Landon Buford

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