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Snoop Dogg Revealed When He Went To Katy Perry’s Studio To Create California Gurls, She Had A Black D*** Shrine And Walked In On Her Naked Before Shooting The Music Video


Snoop Dogg recently made an appearance on Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” Podcast and discussed a variety topics including when he and Katy Perry created California Gurls.

“Look how I got on that song. She reach out to me called my peoples, right? And she was like I want you on this song with me because she was tired of hearing the Jay-Z Alicia Keys song New York New York. She was like I hear it everywhere we gotta make something for California. Not like hating, but we gotta represent where we from because this song is f***ing amazing. This sh** is amazing everybody saying New York, like we need one. I’m like alright what’s happen where do you want me to come ? Meet at the studio. I come in the studio and she got a motherf***ing d*** shrine. I can’t make this s*** up. A black d*** shine when I walked in the studio. I’m like what the f*** going on,” said Snoop.

“I don’t know what it was it a vibe and I wasn’t trying to get her and she wasn’t trying to get at me. Just the motherf***er was there. I’m like I guess she like black d***s in the studio I don’t know. I put the music on and do my thing and knock it out. Love the song. So, now she like the video cool no problem. When are we doing the video, we doing it here. I pull up to the video shoot, they like Katy want to holla at you she on set no problem. I go on set, she butt naked laying on the clouds. Hey Snoop, I like well GOD Damn. I’ve seen a d*** shine and you naked, I can’t figure this s*** out. Let’s get this video over with.”

He added, the d*** shine, “was just sitting in the corner and it had candles around it like Mother Teresa. Just imagine that if you go to someone house and you see the Mother Teresa sitting on the mantle sitting there like bam.”

According to Cheatsheet, Perry thought felt Snoop would be perfect for the track because he is Californian.

“I started to insert obvious Snoop Dogg references like ‘sipping gin and juice’ and more obvious ones like ‘Snoop Doggy Dogg on the stereo,’” Perry recalled. “And I was like, ‘If Snoop Dogg was on a song about the West Coast, it would be truly legit!’ So I kind of lured him with all those little odes to Snoop Dogg already in the ‘California Gurls’ lyrics.”

Speaking of Perry, she recently congratulated Rihanna on becoming a mother, according to E! News.

“I’m so happy for her, and congratulations, I know that this time is so precious, and it’s just like a gorgeous, cozy time,” said Perry.

She added: “It’s a beautiful, magical time.”

Rihanna recently announced that her and ASAP Rocky are moving to Barbados to raise their son.

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