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Dror Marko, an international guitarist is Reaching the Top of the Music Scene With His Skills and Passion

Dror Marko is an international guitarist, arranger, and studio musician born and raised in Israel. Dror Marko is a name that is being talked about much in the music industry for his skills and passion the international guitarist has shown to excel beyond limits as a music producer. 

“As a kid, back in my hometown in Israel, I spent countless hours listening to music. I was really passionate about it. I grew up with two older brothers who were listening to very different styles. One was more rock-oriented and the other one listened to pop and Top 40. I used to steal their CDs and listen to music all day, alternating between Metallica and Spice Girls, hahaha…” – Dror Marko says.

His unique background led him to become a versatile artist and to develop a distinctive musical universe. Dror Marko graduated from both Starling Academy of Music (Rio de Janeiro) and the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, where he was granted three scholarships while taking his bachelor’s degree in Music (mentored by Scott Henderson, Dean Brown, Kiko Loureiro, Allen Hinds, Oz Noy, Andre Nieri, Carl Verheyen, among others). In addition, he has prepared professional musical arrangements for top artists such as Jessica Sanchez, Janice Javier, Surface, Bryan Termulo, Ryan Gallagher, and Dessa. Artists like Dror Marko are an inspiration to those who wish to attain their goals in life. It is not easy to succeed in a creative field, especially if you are an independent artist. But Dror Marko has proved that it depends on how much will and passion a person has to make their dreams come true.

During his career, he got the chance to live in Israel, Brazil, and the US, gaining vast experience performing, touring, and co-producing with significant artists such as Jessica Sanchez (Runner-up of American Idol), hit R&B-band Surface, legendary drummer Marvin Smitty Smith (Sting, Sonny Rollins; Tonight Show with Jay Leno band), pianist Mahesh Balasooriya (Stanley Clarke, Natalie Cole), Ryan Gallagher (The Voice), Jerry Leoni (Drummer of The Lettermen), and many more.

Dror Marko shares “It is important to be versatile as much as possible. And last but not least – Always be connected to your passion, and don’t forget how and why you started this journey in the first place. This notion has always given me a boost of energy and motivation”.

In conclusion, To learn more about Dror Marko’s journey and keep up with what he is up to now be sure to check out his new update or follow him on Instagram.

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