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Tracks That Are Making Waves In The Music Industry Today

 Music can be exciting when it’s done right. When an artist comes with that good energy, you know it’s real because you feel it in every way. When done right, music videos give you everything that a film can provide you, drawing a consumer in emotionally from the incredible art piece, which keeps you coming back for more.

The artists listed below have raised the bar to release a fantastic piece of work that will keep their fan base loyal. 

Here is the list of tracks that are making waves in the music scene:

  • Agonystevo – Push Up!

Agonystevo’s “Push Up!” is an incredible work from this native American from North Dakota. Agonystevo is a talented singer and songwriter who has climbed to the top with his infectious sound and lyrics. The lyrics of this incredible piece are delivered just right with his unique vocals. You can feel the perfect tone of vulnerability to take in the storytelling in writing.

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  • Eneli – Far From Anywhere

Eneli is a talented independent singer and songwriter known for her infectious sound. Doing all this as an independent artist has influenced her artistic approach and her vision for herself as an artist, which leads her to release her recent track, “Far From Anywhere.” Eneli’s “Far From Anywhere” is a power-pop ballad that takes an almost hymnlike approach showing us how tough an actual love song could sound.

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  • CHXRCH – Lie To Me

CHXRCH’s “Lie To Me” is a melodic hip-hop/pop track that explores the toxic elements of romantic relationships. CHXRCH’s talented duo consisting of; Foreign Son and Blakey paint a picture of lust being mistaken as love. CHXRCH is a fast-rising duo based in Toronto, Canada, who have crafted their sound based on musical fusion combined with heart-on-your-sleeve lyricism.

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  • Tehillah – All Up In Smoke

Tehillah is a talented singer and songwriter who enjoys creating and inspiring her people through her music. Being a winner of “Future Youth Records” 2021 ‘Think Women’ songwriting contest and the cash prize with her inspirational song ‘We’re Beautiful,’ she has been non-resilient in reaching her goals, most especially with the release of her recent inspirational track “All Up In Smoke.”

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  • Enzo RR – 4:30A.M

Enzo RR’s “4:30A.M” is an incredible work uniquely displaying everyone’s musical brilliance. Enzo RR is a fast-rising rapper and lyrical genius who has learned everything he needs to know about his craft to become the best in whatever he does. Enzo RR provides all the excitement in the world with his infectious flow that engages you from the second he opens his mouth till the track ends with his lyrics that are swagger filled to keep us coming back for more.

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