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 Songs That Take Over The Music Scene By Storm

With so much music coming out nowadays, it is hard to get to everything. With so much being posted out there, an artist, Duo, or group has to be impressive to make you want to keep listening, as music is the voice of the people and can be the spark of change, good or bad. If you have a say in music, you should always be aware of your message because you never know who or what it can affect.

Today we will give you the top 5 songs that take over the music scene by storm. These tracks genuinely uniquely display their talents. They are:


Jamaican-Australian artist Remie is a talented singer and lyrical genius based in Toronto. His incredible talents can be seen on full display in his recent track “NODUS tollens.” The inspiration behind the song came after reading the definition of Nodus Tollens, which was derived from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, meaning “understanding the plot of your life that doesn’t make sense anymore.” The talented artist writes this song from a perspective based on a collection of experiences and a process of letting someone go after only choosing to see the good parts of the relationship.

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  • RVMDON – Pump It

Fast-rising star RVMDON, in the release of his recent single, “Pump It,” expresses to his fans that it is one of the most exciting releases to date. With an energetic vocal and an up-tempo beat, “Pump It” quickly springs into action with a distorted bass-driven drop with a combination that’s sure to get any crowd jumping and coming back for more.

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  • BAGHA – Ruins

BAGHA’s “Ruins” is a track with catchy vocals and infectious melodic hooks that one cannot avoid, and it is suitable for any rave or playlist you bring its way. This new single is a production that features all the elements of BAGHA’s signature style. With a hostile atmosphere that transports you to a pre hispanic Mexico and destructive bass lines that will break your skull, the Mexican producer continues to show consistency through each of his recent productions.

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  • Bronze Whale – On Fire

The bronze whale is a talented music duo making their way to the top with the release of their latest track, “On Fire.” Over the years, Bronze whale consisting of Aaron Jaques and newcomer Benny Alley has grown their brand by handling their art, mixing/mastering, and promotion, unafraid to take on other aspects of the music industry. In their recent track,” On Fire,” Bronze Whales discuss how they explored their relationship with the music industry after finding their voice and taking ownership of their career and future together.

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  • Senya – Growl

Fast-rising artist, Senya is a talented musical genius who grew up listening to anything he could get his hands on, ranging from multiple breadcrumb trails leading to hardcore punk, underground hip-hop, alternative metal, and old-school rap, among others. Senya’s “Growl” is Intense but liberating, full of rage and negativity but keeps you coming back and makes your heart beat faster and your sweat glands work overtime as Senya shows us his ultra talent on full display.

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