Third Team All-NBA Member Trae Young Reacts To Yankees’ Fans Chanting F*** Trae Young

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The New York Knicks weren’t even playing the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night, but that didn’t stop Yankees fans from chanting f*** Trae Young during their game against the Baltimore Orioles.

A short video clip from CEO and Founder of Snapback Sports’ Jack Settleman of New York Yankees fans screaming “f–k Trae Young” during the Yankees game is making rounds on social media. The Hawks star caught wind of slander, and it could not help but troll New York back.

After all, it’s far from the first time Knicks fans have shown their disdain for the Hawks star. At this stage, Trae is accustomed to it. You have to remember someone attempted to spit on Young during a pandemic.

So, all Young can do is laugh and say, “We can’t hear you.”

It was recently announced that Young made the NBA All-NBA-Third team in addition, he also recently opened a Athletic Center in his hometown of Norman, Oklahoma.

Partnering with Trident … It’s big time,” Young told PEOPLE over the phone while visiting his family during the NBA offseason. The Atlanta Hawks player said the company “really understands the mental health issues going on now.”

“I know it’s going to really help a lot of kids around here,” Young added.

The Atlanta Hawks were eliminated in the first round of the 2022 Playoff by the Miami Heat in five games.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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