Evander Holyfield On YouTube Boxers Like Jake Paul ‘It Helped Boxing’

Jake Paul made headlines last week, not only by launching his own promotion company but also by signing his first boxer. The boxer is Amanda Serrano, who is a multi-division champion.

Paul announced via Instagram following the announcement that he had launched his promotional boxing company ahead of his rematch fight with Tyron Woodley.

“The GWOAT Amanda Serrano officially signed as the first MVP athlete,” Paul wrote on Instagram. “Amanda is the No. 1 pound-for-pound female fighter in the world and the most outstanding Hispanic female athlete of all time. Amanda hasn’t had someone with a significant platform put her on. She’s so marketable and a natural-born superstar.

“There’s a new era of boxing and there’s a new way about promoting these fights and there’s a new way to become a big fighter and that’s what we specialize in at Most Valuable Promotions. Amanda already has the skills, and now we’re going to add our secret sauce into the equation.”

Over the last couple of years, Jake and Logan Paul have made numerous headlines as both brothers have competed against UFC legends and Boxing legends in the squared circles with bouts against Floyd Mayweather and Tyron Woodley.

Speaking of Paul, he was recently given praise by four-time boxing champion Evander Holyfield for contributing to boxing.

Holyfield was recently interviewed by Bally Sports Brandon’ Scoop B’ Robinson and asked to give his thoughts on YouTube Boxers.

“I think that it helped boxing because it let you know that if these guys can make all that money. Why can’t all of these other boxers, who are professional for real ?, ” said Holyfield.

“They should be able to make a lot of money. So, they should find out what they are doing to make and a professional who does not make a lot of money.”

Holyfield was then asked if he thought the charity boxing contests and fights with YouTube boxers and MMA fighters were good for the sport of boxing?

” I think that is, even though Jake Paul is not considered a professional, he has been doing it [for] awhile. He is good, and he is getting the right fights. If he were a professional, it would be the same thing, “Holyfield said.

“You get him the fights that he should win, and eventually, you get the best person. Some people take a little bit more time, and regardless of how much time you take. If you continue to do the right things, you will be a champion.”

However, someone that was not happy with being asked about the possibility of being on a Jake Paul undercard was Claressa Shields.

“I can beat up Jake Paul at the weight class I’m at right now.”

Shields then was interviewed by TMZ and asked about her comments towards Paul.

“I wasn’t talking s**t about Jake Paul yesterday. What I was speaking was facts. Jake Paul gets inside a boxing ring with me, he’s getting his ass whooped!”

“I bet you Jake Paul would get hurt, he probably get dropped, he would have a newfound respect for me if we spar or fight,” Shields says.

“I’m not calling Jake Paul out because I know how the world looks at women fighting men, they look at it like ‘oh no, ew’ but I spar men daily and that’s the truth.”

Shields finished the interview by stating that if she was a little bit bigger, she would fight Logan Paul too.

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Written by Landon Buford

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