Roy Jones on Mayweather & Paul Fight “I Don’t Give The Kid A Chance”

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On Sunday, Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul will square off in Miami. Former heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr was recently interviewed by TMZ about the upcoming fight this weekend.

Jones shared that Paul has no chance in winning.

“You’re talking about the greatest defensive fighter of all time,” Roy explained to TMZ Sports … “so, it’s very hard to hit him.”

“That being said, I don’t give the kid a chance.”

Queen’s Gaming Collective CEO, Alisa Jacobs agrees.

“I know Floyd, and if you hear Floyd tell it, he is the greatest of all time at everything, right? Floyd is a performer, competitor, fighter, but he is also the definition of self-belief, manifesting, and creating those beliefs. I think he feeds off is fueled by doubt, hate, and skepticism. Yes, it is a lose-lose in some ways, and I absolutely think Floyd will knock him out. Whether it is in the first round, I do not because I think he and Logan are brillant markers, and they want to give a show,” said Jacobs.

“So, it will be in the first minute in a half or a couple more rounds because it is about the fan fair, and it’s about the performance. I also think that it is rigged, intentional, but you have two guys that understand the value of marketing, audience, and that if people are paying, they want to see a show.”

Jacob also added that Floyd is very misunderstood, and she underestimated him before getting to know him and his team.

“I think Floyd is very misunderstood. I think I underestimated him personally before getting to know him and his team better over the year because you see what you see. At the end of the day, Floyd is focused on multi-generational wealth, legacy, and winning at all costs. He is all about the wins, and he does not have a problem with people having a problem with him. Whether he flexes, boxing, wearing his jewelry or buying his cars,” Jacobs said.

Two weeks ago, while on Clubhouse promoting his NFT drop Mayweather was buying his daughter a brand new car and had to pause the question and answer session.

“He was buying a new car for his daughter while we were hosting the event. We were on the backchannel, and we had to pause the event while he was buying the car.”

Jacobs finished by sharing that he commended both Mayweather and Logan for bridging the gap between fighting and boxing normalizing it to continue through multiple generations to come.

The fight between Mayweather and Paul will take place on June 6th in Miami and can be seen on PPV.

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Written by Landon Buford

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