Van Lathan Joined TMZ After A Decrease In Unemployment

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It has been ten years since Van Lathan joined TMZ as a tour guide after getting a job following an appearance in a Guillette Challenge commercial. Lathan was on unemployment before that. He talked about the latest episode of All The Smoke Podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

“Here’s the thing about TMZ that I don’t think a lot of people don’t know, I really did not know was when I got there. I really did not know. My girl be in there watching the celebrity news. I never care about it, I never looked down on it, but I never cared about it. The thing that I would at it when comes to the celebrity news shows is they would cover the same five to ten stories on every show. I and her would argue because she would go in there and watch E-News, and Extra. They would talk about the same s***,” said Lathan.

“So, when I actually got to TMZ, I was unemployment and I just lost my unemployment because I lost it on accident. I did a commercial, but I didn’t know I was doing a commercial. I did a razor commercial. I was asked to come out to Van Nuys to use all these products and when I got to this Razor. A guy jumps out and says “You ready for the Guillette Pros Fusion Challenge. So, I had to put down on the unemployment that I did a commercial and it readjust my employment to $75 week. I’m f***** and now I got to go get a job.

The government wasn’t going to play basketball all day.

“First job was a TMZ tour guide and I was 31. I go back to my girl and tell her about, and I took it. Once again, I didn’t know what the show was and I did not understand the controversy. I also did not get the cultural problems that were there until I was television mainstay,” Lathan said.

Lathan is now co-host a podcast on at ‘The Ringer’ with Rachel Lindsay called Higher Learning .

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Written by Landon Buford


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