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The Game Announces Release Date For DRILLMATIC – Mind vs. Heart & Reveals 50 Cent & Paid Him $1 Million To Stop Saying ‘G-Unot’

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The Game has teased a new album called Drillmatic for some months now, this is actually his return to making albums after he announced his retirement with his latest, Born 2 Rap.

On Saturday night, he unveiled on social media that the new album, officially entitled DRILLMATIC – Mind vs. Heart, coming to the fans on June 17th.

An album that The Game coined the best album of his career earlier this year on Clubhouse.

“This album right here, my n***, is probably the best album of my career. I’m not going to even cap. Doctor’s Advocate is my favorite album, I know many people gas up in the Documentary, but there are many reasons why the Doctor’s Advocate is my favorite album. Number one, I did that s*** without Dre and 50, and that s*** sold almost the same amount of records on my own. I was up against the label, G-Unit, Dre, 50, and I was still able to pull that s*** out. Plus, the album is sold than a motherf*****. said Game.

“The Documentary s*** was like, you are coming in, hungry, and want to be one of the best rappers in the world. So, you give it all you got, but you are still a rookie, and you are timid about what you should do and what you should say. I did not have free range at that point. I was not trying to scare n*** away from seeing my s*** through.”

Speaking of The Game, he was recently a guest on the All The Smoke Podcast with Stephen Jackson & Matt Barnes. During that appearance Game revealed that 50 Cent and Jimmy Iovine gave him $1 million to stop saying ‘G-Unot.’

“Lotta people don’t know this: 50 and Jimmy Iovine gave me a million dollars to stop saying G-Unot,” he said. “They wrote me a check, they bought it. I had to trademark the G-Unot. And you remember when I was going around with the rat and doing all that shit, that shit hurt.”

“You stopped seeing the candy cane tank tops and all that shit,” he continued. “All that, the whole G-Unit/Mark Ecko, the shoes, that shit died. That shit was a hot commodity at once, G-Unit clothing. N***as was wearing the sweats, headbands, the masks, everything. That shit died, bro. So they had to pay me. I should have asked for more, but them n***as gave me a million. But I’m a hood n***a; a million dollars to stop saying this word? Where the check? They wrote the check and I stopped saying it.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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