Michael Rainey Jr Shared That He Was Shook By Fight Scene Between Ghost & Tariq

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LaToya Tonodeo, who plays Diana Tejada, was a guest on the most recent The Crew Has It Podcast episode with Michael Rainey Jr. [Tariq St. Patrick] and Gianni Paolo [Brayden Weston]. 

During the episode, Michael Rainey Jr. revealed that he shook by the fight scene with Ghost & Tariq in the original Power series.

The fight took place in Power’s sixth season when Ghost was trying to get Tariq to give himself up for Ray Ray’s murder. He got furious when he sensed that Tariq was not listening to him, snatching him by his collar and violently slamming Tariq on a table. Ghost threatened to kill him if he tried to oppose him.

“I remember there was a scene we did that me and him did,” he said of Hardwick. “This was like toward the end of the season where we were actually going at it a lot, and he was staying in a hotel. And I came to him, and this was the scene where I’m like, ‘Tell me everything. If you want me to confess, you gotta tell me everything. What happened to Breeze?’”

“And um, we were rehearsing it and, you know, in the scene, he slams me on the table. And that was never written,” Rainey continued. “So we were rehearsing it, and then we actually did that. I’m like, ‘Oh s***. What the f***.’”

“I wasn’t [ready],” he added, laughing. “You know, we were just blocking it out. But we were in it, though. … I was like, Oh, I didn’t know that was coming. But that s*** worked, though! I liked that s***.”

Ghost asks Tariq to turn himself in instead of the original plan of Ghost taking the fall for Ray Ray’s murder because he was looking forward towards his political career with the Democratic Party. Ghost promised to get Tariq a lighter sentence like probation.

However, that wasn’t in the cards for Tariq, which later led to him shooting his father at his Club Truth. Though Tariq killed Ghost his father got the last laugh because Tariq doesn’t get his inheritance until he graduate college. Tariq’s spinoff is currently film it’s third season of Power Book II: Ghost.

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Written by Landon Buford

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