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Bryson Tiller Says His New Album Is Finished & On The Way

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On Saturday afternoon Bryson Tiller did something that he rarely does anymore, which was hopping on Instagram Live. The Overtime artist jump on IG Live to share that he has an album on the way.

“I’m excited, I’m not going to stay on this for very long, but the album is on the way. The s*** is done a lot of s*** coming. To all the fans that got that number, I don’t remember the number,” said Tiller.

“I probably post it again soon, but if y’all got the number stay tuned, I’m going to do something really special. I mean really-really special, something f*** merch that you and only you. So, stay tuned coming real some, and that’s just for y’all. So, much love to y’all and talked to soon. Peace!”

Tiller was recently featured on St Louis native Ryan Trey’s single Nowhere to Run on the A 64 East Saga’ Project. Trey is a rapper, producer, and singer.

Also in a recent interview with Billboard, Tiller reflected on Fatherhood and how Jack Daniels is handcrafted.

“With Jack Daniel’s, I noticed they have a very slow and steady approach. From the music or career standpoint, can you identify with that in any sense?” questions Lamarre. “Yeah, there are a lot of similarities with my music,” replies the Grammy-nominated artist. “Like what she [Brandi] said, ‘the slow burn.’ I take my time with my music. I like to let time pass to really see if I’m feeling it or not. A lot of times in between albums, I like to really feel things out and let the music speak for itself. It’s quality over quantity.”

Tiller added, that his favorite things about fatherhood is that ‘I’m always learning something new.”

Make sure you check out Tiller new project when it drops.

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Written by Landon Buford

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