Jamal Crawford Reveals He Has Gotten NBA Coaching & Front Office Offers

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NBA veteran Jamal Crawford has not officially announced his retirement from the NBA. Crawford was the eighth pick of the 2000 draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, but was traded to the Chicago Bulls. The deal included the draft rights to Chris Mihm.

If Crawford gets another opportunity to play in the NBA, he will be the only active member of that draft class left. However, since he has not officially retired, many wonder what’s next for the former three-time Sixth-man of the Year.

Last week, Crawford was in Hoop Spaces on Twitter Spaces when former Atlanta Hawks Director of Communications Arthur Triche asked him what was next.

“For a long time, I was saying that I wanted to get into management just from the standpoint I think we need more players in those roles and positions. So that can give some insight into what it is like in the locker room. Everything is not about numbers; sometimes, it is what is driving this person. For example, how much does this person love the game? And is there something off the court affecting his on the court play? Those are the little nuances that I don’t think they are looking at,” said Crawford.

“I would love to do that still, but I am enjoying coaching my son’s team right now. Like, I am having a ball doing that, and I’ll tell you guys that I have gotten offers for front office and coaching in the NBA. I have put it on pause because I enjoy doing this and I’m the parent that is good with keeping the scorebook. The coach asked me to help out and that turned into a bug. I look forward to it and that’s the immediate step basketball-wise, and then the other will be there like tv, management hopefully at some point down the road.”

Earlier this year, Crawford shared that he would like to still play in the NBA, but it would have to be the right situation. However, if an offer doesn’t come, he won’t be waiting by the phone for that call.

Crawford last played for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA Bubble but left the first game due to injury, which he revealed started in the weight room. The Nets asked him to light, which he usually doesn’t do, but he was willing to do what the team asked him to do to help the team win games.

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Written by Landon Buford

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