Nets Request For Jamal Crawford To Lift Weights Caused His Harmstring Injury In The Bubble

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Two seasons ago, Jamal Crawford made his season debut in the NBA Bubble as a member of the Brooklyn Nets after not playing in the league in over a year. Unfortunately for Crawford, it was short lived.

Crawford checked into the Nets first game against the Milwaukee Bucks with 4 minutes, 35 seconds in the first quarter. Playing his first NBA game since an April 9, 2019 game against the Dallas Mavericks. That turned out to be Dirk Nowitizki final home game of his career, and Crawford almost spoiled the night by dropping 51 in a loss.

His return did not last that long as he injured his left hamstring in the second quarter and left the game. According to the team, Crawford would not return against the Bucks.

Crawford scored five points in five minutes of play, going for 2-for-4 overall from the floor and added three assists.

Earlier this week, Crawford shared the cause of his hamstring was not on the court, but actually in the weight room.

“When I got hurt with the Nets, I didn’t get hurt on the basketball court. I got hurt in the weight room before that and that’s what triggered the injury. And I did not want to be the high-maintenance veteran coming to a team like everybody lifts, but I’m not going to lift. I’m like I’m in the bubble and I am happy to be here,” said Crawford on Twitter Spaces.

“I’m going to do what you guys ask, I don’t lift, but hey, I’m going to try it. That’s where the injury started and so, the injury on the court against Milwaukee, it happened a week and a half before that in the weight room. And they knew that by the way.”

Unfortunately for Jamal Crawford, he did not play again that season for the Brooklyn Nets. He is still a free agent as we speak, but if I was a team looking for someone that score the basketball, I would give him a call.

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Written by Landon Buford

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