Metta World Peace Would End Celtics’ Paul Pierce Inside Of Three Rounds, Says Lakers’ Champion Brother

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Recently inducted Hall of Famer, Paul Pierce was a guest on ‘What did I Miss? With Michelle Beadle’ and discussed a variety of different topics. When the subject of Pierce possibly taking on Metta World Peace in a celebrity boxing match. You can find the conversation at the 20:30 point of the video below.

Pierce was asked about the Paul brothers and his thoughts on them capitalizing in the boxing space.

“I can’t be mad at somebody because everything is a spectacle now. We live on the internet and we are trying to garnish views and get fans interest. So, if you have a YouTuber, who is garnishing 21 million views and you put them on Pay Per View and people are going to watch, and it’s going to make money that’s the world that we live in. And as we say everything that you see on the internet is not real, now we have not real boxing. But, if you have people who are going to tune in and pay for it and fighters are going to get eight figures salaries, that’s the world we live in,” said Pierce.

“So, if somebody comes to me and says hey Paul, we will give you $10 million we want you to get in the ring with Metta World Peace, I might think about it.”

Beadle asked whether you would do it for $10 million. Is that the price?

Yeah, $10 million is the price for me for that, said Pierce.

She followed that up with tax-free, or do we need to up that, so the taxes are taken care of?

Alright, $15 million, says Pierce.

Well, Metta World Peace’s Brother Daniel Artest caught wind of the conversation and responded via Twitter.

“I heard that @paulpierce34 wants to fight my brother in one of those celeb boxing matches for $15 million. Paul, u barking up the wrong tree. Trust. Have fun. Enjoy the use of your facilities big man. You don’t wanna do that.”

Following the tweet, I reached out to Artest and asked him how many rounds, he would it the possible bout go.

“Ron would end him inside of 3 rounds,” said Artest.

In the 2010 NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers and Metta World Peace got the best of Paul Pierce & the Boston Celtics in seven games.

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Written by Landon Buford

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