Power Book IV: Force’s Walter Flynn Catches Three Bodies In Episode 6


In the middle of episode six, a group of men took a shot at Vic Flynn and Gloria outside her bar. Later in the episode, Walter Flynn asked Vic was he alright? That’s when Vic shared that someone tried to take me out.

“What the fuck? What? Is it one of them spooks at CBI?? I guarantee it was one of those motherf***,” said Walter.

Vic replied, “The shooter was white. White as f***. If I had to put money on it. I’d said it’s the Serbs.”

Then Walter figured out that it had to do something with Tommy Egan, and that is when he figured out that he must have pulled a job with him. Then Walter told Vic that he and his sister Claudia had been running interference for both of them.

Later on in the episode, Walter elected to walk into the Serbs’ establishment and killed three of them at the dinner table. Then, before he killed the last one, Walter told him, “You tell Mirkovic he comes after my boy and my family. I’ll burn this f****** city to the ground all kill every motherf**** c*** that he’s ever loved. Second thought, she [the waitress] can tell him.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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