Power Book IV: Force’s Vic Flynn Catches First Body & Tommy Egan Meets Claudia Flynn


This week on Power Book IV: Force’s Vic Flynn dropped his first body while working with Tommy Egan. The two were visiting Colin at his art gallery when things popped off pretty quickly.

When the two walked in the room, they heard a woman asking Colin, ‘What the f*** did you give me, Colin? ” Half-naked with EDM music playing in the background.

“My hearts racing!” She said.

Vic then tells Colin, “Turn that s*** down. Colin, turn that s***down! Colin, turn the f**** music off!

Tommy: Okay, this is all kinds of wrong!

Colin: She’s fine, just a lightweight.

Vic: Let’s get the f*** out of here.

The Woman: F*** this I’m calling the cops.

Tommy: You know, let’s not call the cops. I’m the guy that is gonna make sure that you get out of here safe. How’s that sound?

The Woman: Good.

Tommy: Let’s go.

Unfortunately, Colin decided to pull a revolver on Tommy and Vic.

Colin: You came here to do a deal. That’s what your old man said. So, you are not leaving until we have one. Is that f***** clear? You know I love that papa Flynn took the training wheels off, but not all the way, cause this dude’s eye f*** me is clearly here to hold his baby’s hand. Now… Who that f*** is this clown? Oh!

Tommy: Give me the gun. Give me the f***** gun.

Colin: This is so good! Shoot him, Fat Tony!

Tommy: You ain’t fat.

Fat Tony: I went keto.

Colin: F*** it!

Tommy: Didn’t think today was your day, did you, Fat Tony? It never is.

Fat Tony: I got kids. I got four kids.

Vic Flynn: Now, what were you saying about my old man, Colin?

Flynn has the revolver in Colin’s mouth.

Colin: Hmmm

Vic Flynn: What was that? I can’t f*** hear you!

Tommy: Yo, as much as I like where this is going, I don’t think we want to haul out a body in the middle of the day.

Fat Tony: Freight elevator is good for 2000 pounds, easy takes you right to the alley too.

Colin: Are you kidding me, Tony!

Tommy: All right, Tony, get her the f*** out of here.

Colin: Please, Vic…

Vic: Shut the f*** up !

Tommy: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Here you go. Now, paint the f*** walls.

Colin: no, no, no, wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Later in the episode, Tommy runs into Vic’s sister Claudia ‘Claud’ Flynn.

“I figured I introduce myself to the man who seems to have little regard for his own short life,” Flynn said.

Tommy: Look at you in these streets Rolling up on me like a motherf***** OG. Daddy know you out here? How come he ain’t never put you on?

Claudia: I’m on. Different role.

Tommy: Yeah. Well, wherever he has you, it is nowhere close to where you should be.

Claudia: What are you looking to get out of Chicago?

Tommy: Every last motherf***** dollar till I’m running it. You want in?

Claudia: Might be a day late and a dollar short on that one, handsome.

Tommy: I don’t think so.

Claudia: Yeah, you’re about to become obsolete. I got something that’ll kick your teeth end thousand times over.

Tommy: Sounds fun. What you got?

Claudia: Stick around and find out.

Tommy: Is that an invitation?

Claudia: Maybe. Chaos creates opportunity.

Tommy: Yo, what’s that mean?

Claudia: Welcome to Chicago, Tommy!

We will have to see how all of this plays out going forward. Make sure you check out Power Book IV: Force on Starz at 8 pm EST on Sunday nights.

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Written by Landon Buford

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