Omari Hardwick Talks Ghost, Talks Paying 50 Cent Back With Interest And Reveals He Made $150K An Episode On Power

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Earlier this month, Omari Hardwick thrilled Power fans with one of his recent Instagram post. He appeared on the television program as James St. Patrick, a New York club owner leading a dual life as a drug smuggler. James longed to leave the game to start a legitimate life with his family, but a number of issues held him back from being able to do so.

On May 10, Hardwick shared a retrospective photo with his Power team-mate Joseph Sikora and remembered their work together on the series.

Sikora got fans buzzing before the premiere of Power Book IV: Force when he on Instagram Live and hinted that Hardwick could return as Ghost or a totally different character.

“He very well might,” said Sikora. He could also make an appearance as alive character you never know.

Speaking of Hardwick was a recent guest on The Pivot Podcast with ESPN’s Ryan Clark, ex – Jacksonville Jaguar running back Fred Taylor, and former NFL linebacker Channing Crowder. Hardwick talked about Ghost, Evolution of Power, and working with 50 Cent during the episode.

Fred Taylor asked Hardwick everyone wants to know if Ghost is really dead?

“Why do they want to know Fred? Cause you know why I’m asking that?” Said Hardwick.

“We have never seen a character like that. The closest that we got to that, you know they talk about Al Pacino, but they are of Latin decent and in a different country. But New York and the way you ran things. We ain’t never seen that,” said Taylor.

“I feel like all of us saw it in a really small pubescent version of some uncle, who kind of put us up on game and thought us what not to do. in particular with the four of us having promise athletically that then, of course, have a career in football or go even into another sport, or have you three have seg way into journalists, and all this business opportunities that we have not even talked about. That now all four of us are privy too. There’s definitely those uncle figures in the neighborhood that were like Ghost that would grab you up and say don’t go in that direction. This the direction that you should be going Allen Iverson included,” Hardwick said.

“He had enough of those guys that were Jamie to Ghost, I wouldn’t say James St. Patrick, but I think Fred, James St. Patrick is maybe the apparition, the ghost if you will of what Ghost & Jamie as a two headed monster that wanted to become.”

He added, “So, the third-headed monster of James St. Patrick becoming this polished entrepreneur who was equally probably able in aptitude & brain capacity to work Wall Street numbers if he wanted to. He could have done so many different things. You think about the Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson and what they been able to spinoff into terms of the business conglomerates and corporation that they been able to create.”

He would later talk about 50 lending him money and paying him back plus interest.

“I think forever, and he respected the s*** of me for that. He was just not taught that in our community. Barely do we pay anybody back. But when we do, I’m thinking how many times have Fred Taylor, Ryan Clark, and Channing Crowder been hit up for money… We don’t expect it back once we are hit up for the money. Sometimes we wish it could come back from the person who promised them they would return it seven times. Damn, seven, that’s a heavenly number. You are not going to seven at least give me seven bucks of whatever I gave you back… Can you give wifey a ride somewhere? Something?

So, for me to give back to 50 with interest, I was so proud to be able to do that. And it was early, he like damn O you can’t be messed up you need money. It was the summer after season one [Power] and the summer of season two [Power]. He gave me $20k, and the next summer, he gave me $23k and absolute because he adores J and the kids. He might like them more than me. It was given like take care of the family, bro. Use that,” said Hardwick.

It is crazy that he still had to borrow money at that point in his career.

Hardwick: “On Power, I never got that. In the end, it never.”

Hardwick: How much do you think I made a week? An episode?

Ryan Clark: Angela Bassett makes $250K on 911. She’s the highest-paid a week. So, you had to make $150K at least.

Hardwick: Then no, you got it right. The first time I have ever disclosed it! But I was also the face of the network. Angela is not the face of the network, she is one of the best actresses to grace the planet, but she is not the face of that network. It’s metrics. When we renegotiate contracts as athletes, what do you, Fred, and Channing do? You coach this, this, this, this… I’m a football cat, Ryan metrics speak. Do you know why I love sports? Because sports is about X’s and O’s. There are no objectives; you either make the play or ride the bench. So, that person is an activist and a poet who is full of grace and mercy. To be like Starz I’m still super humble, 50 and Courtney I’ll thank you forever, but all of them know, he really didn’t make no money. They know it before I know it because they are hire up in the company.

Last month, it was announced that Omari Hardwick would be joining Fantasy Football, according to Deadline.

Fantasy Football follows 16-year-old Callie Coleman (Martin) as she discovers she can control the prowess of her professional football dad Bobby Coleman (Hardwick) on the pitch through EA Sports’ Madden NFL.

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Written by Landon Buford

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