Rotimi Says It Wasn’t Until He Had Conversations With Jamie Foxx & Tyrese Gibson That He Embraced People Calling Him Dre From Power [Watch]

Rotimi is the most recent guest on the Pivot with Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor. During the interview, Rotimi was asked about his iconic role Dre [Andre Coleman] from the Power. Romiti shared it took him a couple of seasons to get used to being called Dre out in public because the masses knew him as the character and not from other mediums.

“So for me, man, like the first two or three seasons, was a lot of that because people didn’t know me for anything but that. So [they’re] like yo that’s Dre from Power, so it took me a second to get used to one being called another man’s name for real and then two girls being like so you see something nice and like oh you cute but I want you to die though,” said Rotimi.

” So for a while, it took a second to adjust, but then you ultimately know it’s a compliment. You captivate that you’re on somebody’s TV screen every week and you and it took me a conversation with Tyrese and Jamie [Foxx] was like how do y’all deal with Baby Boy and how you deal with Jamie Foxx Show and they both were telling me that just ride the wave like it’s a compliment stop looking at it as negative”

He continued, “Know that you’re affecting people’s lives, but use this as a vessel for what you really want to do so when that happened, it was like let me embrace it. So, it became that, and then I knew things were changing when it was like oh that’s Rotimi, oh that’s Roe, and isn’t that him from [Power]. So, it became a change, but at first bro, I couldn’t stand it.”

Written by Landon Buford

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