All-Star Guard Ja Morant Sounds Off-On Left Hand Being Bigger Than His Right

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Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant was a recent guest on The Pivot with Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor, and Channing Crowder. During their conversation, Clark asked the reigning Most Improve Player, Ja Morant’s trainer Mo Wells, how they compensate for Morant’s left hand being bigger than his right.

“Hey, you know my secret. See, I thought we were keeping a secret. Everybody in the league, your scouts, whoever got the Grizzlies when y’all play us, yeah, I do got a longer arm on my left. I mean, y’all not gonna stop it, but since the secret out now, then you got my left hand bigger as well,” said Morant.

It was a trampoline accident is the reason why Morant broke his arm.

“I broke my arm on a trampoline, man my older cousins got me; now you do the double jump at that time; I probably about 73 pounds. I just shot off in the air, man I was coming down head first, and I went to try to break my fall on the trampoline like the railing. It just I didn’t even, honestly, I didn’t even feel it when it happened, just like it just did; my elbow was pretty much up here,” Morant shared.

“My cousin was looking like uh and I’m like what I looked and I seen like a little knot I thought it was just like a little knot. He said, ” Nah, you broke your arm; I started yanking. It was coming down. It got about pretty much about right above where my elbow is supposed to be, and he like we got to go tell auntie we don’t run in the house went there she locked my arm put the ice on it. Called pops; he was actually on the way home from work. She probably stayed probably at least probably like 20-25 minutes from us, and he probably got there in like ten minutes. I don’t know what he had what he was driving, but he got there in about ten minutes.”

He would say, “That’s why I dribble with my left hand. I’m able to control the ball better.”

During the offseason, Morant has been seen supporting the WNBA throughout their playoff run and was recently seen hitting ‘The Griddy’ with WNBA MVP A’Ja Wilson after the Aces’ game one victory in the finals.

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Written by Landon Buford

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