Gianni Paolo & Michael Rainey Jr Give Update On Omari Hardwick’s Appearance On The Crew Has It Podcast


It has been two months since Omari Hardwick disclosed how much he made each week on Power via The Pivot.

Hardwick revealed that he made $150K an episode after former NFL-defensive back Ryan Clark stated that Angela Bassett makes $250K on 911. She’s the highest-paid a week. So, you had to make $150K at least.

“Then no, you got it right. The first time I have ever disclosed it! But I was also the face of the network. Angela is not the face of the network, she is one of the best actresses to grace the planet, but she is not the face of that network. It’s metrics. What do you, Fred, and Channing do when we renegotiate contracts as athletes? You coach this, this, this, this… I’m a football cat, Ryan metrics speak,” said Hardwick.

“Do you know why I love sports? Because sports is about Xs and O’s. There are no objectives; you either make the play or ride the bench. So, that person is an activist and a poet full of grace and mercy. To be like Starz I’m still super humble, 50 and Courtney I’ll thank you forever, but all of them know he didn’t make any money. They know it before I know it because they are hire up in the company.”

On this week’s episode of The Crew Has It with hosts Michael Rainey Jr and Gianni Paolo, gave an update about a future episode with Ghost.

“Everyone being like get Omari on get this person okay you think we have asked Omari to come on? You we’re talking to all people who have been on Power directors this and that, like we don’t really want Omari on? That episode is going to go crazy,” said Paolo.

Yeah, he’s busy. Man he’s working dude is nonstop,” said Rainey.

“We got everyone lined up,” said Paolo.

“Don’t worry we going get pops on soon,” said Rainey.

“I talked to Omari a couple days ago, he was super sweet, he’s like I’m filming right now. I definitely want to make it. So, he’s gonna come on at some point we have everyone coming on at some point whether they like it or not. Whether I show up to their house going to get on the podcast.”

Make sure you catch Raising Kanan premiere for season two on August 14th and season three of Ghost later this year.

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Written by Landon Buford

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