Meek Mill Vs. The Game In a Verzuz? Wack 100 & Gillie Da Kid Share Who Wins

Five years ago, The Game shared his version of the story in the beef saga between him and Meek Mill, which stemmed from a June of 2016 robbery involving singer/rapper Sean Kingston.

“What happened was we were in the club. It was Meek’s first time back in L.A. Since his whole house arrest and he couldn’t move,” he recalled. Game explained how he sent Meek a bottle of Rose and told the Philadelphia rapper how “n—as been getting robbed” in Los Angeles, even encouraging him to leave the club a little earlier. According to The Game, Kingston’s table was also right next to Meek’s.

“Meek leaves the club, then an hour later, Sean Kingston gets robbed, knocked in the head. [They] took his jewelry, ran through his crew, so we left,” Game continued. “Later, Sean Kingston called me 15 minutes after that,,,,,,,, and he was like ‘Game, that’s f–ked up. Meek told me you set me up.'” The Game also said detectives came to his house, questioning him and asking whether it was a member of his entourage even though there was no evidence of his involvement. “I provide you with what was going on in the city so you could cover your ass and just be aware,” he said of Meek, “and then you went and turned that into something else.”

Later in that same interview, The Game describes a three-way conversation between Meek and Kington.

“I got Meek on the phone and was like, ‘You told Sean.’ He was like, ‘I ain’t tell that fat motherf–ker nothin’,” Game said. “So I said you know what, we gon’ fix this. [I] Call Sean Kingston on three-way… and [Meek] goin’ off on Sean Kingston. ‘I ain’t tell you nothin’.’ And Sean Kingston said, ‘Yes, you did.’… So I just hung up the phone.”

Since this incident, the parties involved haven’t seen eye to eye.

This past weekend Game’s manager was on Clubhouse in the Sleepless in LA room when a Meek fan from South Philly, who was representing the city of Philadelphia. he asked Wack 100 about the possibility of Game and Meek facing off in a Verzuz battle.

“He doesn’t have enough catalog,” says Wack 100.

the user asked Wack to clarify if Meek or Game didn’t have enough catalog?

“Meek Mill doesn’t have enough. F*** the albums, I can go to Game’s mixtapes run and he [Meek] could not keep up.”

“Stop playing.” said the user. “‘Dreamchasers’ 123, Flamers 123, you not f***** with my boy respectfully.”

“Meek Milly only going to win in Philly,” says Wack. “The dude tour can’t even tour even at his highest.”

“The fact that Meek Mill came out six years after [Game] this man. The fact that he came out was even when he got big. He really didn’t start making no noise until what? 2014 right? So, we talking about game came out in 2004. We talking about n*** who came out ten years after this man. That a good look for Game. If are you talking a n*** that comes out ten years after him being in the game, and you really in that argument that’s a good look for that artist.”

In a later room that same day in the EBAN FILMS’ room, Gillie The Kid was asked the same question about a potential Verzuz between Meek Mill & The Game.

“It would be a good one,” said Gillie Da Kid. “You gotta remember got records and Game went triple platinum. He went triple platinum in an era where you had to go to the record store to buy the records.”

“Naw, I’m saying I’m routing for Meek too, that’s Philadelphia f*** you talking about? But what I’m saying that’s just a whitewash no s*** like that, that n*** Game went real time platinum in this b***.”

Last month, Meek Mill shared that his Finals ‘Dreamchasers 5′ will be dropped as an NFT according to Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Written by Landon Buford

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