London Brown Gives Background On Power Book III Character Marvin Thomas

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The highly anticipated prequel of Power, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, should make its debut on Starz on July 18. Set in the 90s in Queens, New York, the series follows Kanan Stark [Mekai Curtis] for 15 years, in the years before he became a mentor of James “Ghost” St. Patrick [Omari Hardwick] and Tommy Egan [Joseph Sikora].

 This version of Kanan is far from a vicious and threatening representation of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s adult version of him. However, both 50 Cent and Power creator Courtney A. Kemp promised the fans that we will begin to see the beginning of the character’s transformation.

Although 50 Cent said that Power Book III: Raising Kanan would recount the “innocence phase” of Kanan, however, some fans believe that we will witness his first deadly act, directly linked to Ghost’s life path.

Recently, I had the chance to speak with one of the show’s stars, London Brown, who will be playing the role of Marvin Thomas.

“Marvin Thomas is the oldest of the siblings, and I have a daughter named Jukebox [Hailey Kilgore], a sister named Raquel Thomas [Patina Miller], who is the leader of our family operation. I also have a brother Lou-Lou, who is played by Malcolm M. Mays. Then of course there is Kanan [Mekai Curtis] I’m Kanan’s uncle,” said Brown.

“So, my character basically introduces Kanan into this lifestyle that Power fans know him for. And the fact that my sister is in charge because I was irresponsible with it when I was in the position. So, that creates a little beef between us and a bit of a power struggle. So, because she tends to delegate to my brother [Lou-Lou], which causes a little bit of animosity between us. In the relationship with my daughter [Juke Box], we don’t see eye to eye just on the father-daughter type of thing. So, the only person that my character can use his authoritative energy on is young Kanan. It is not always the best way, but he has Kanan’s back at the end of the day.”

So, what was it like working with Courtney and 50 Cents on this project?

“That that they are very invested in the project is really good because you can feel their energy with it. I had the opportunity to face time with 50, and he really likes where the project is going and is excited. So, to work with people who really care about the project as you do is a whole other type of trust you have been going through the process. I can appreciate their executive producer’s eye for making the right choices, and even with the casting. Going through that definitely picked some talented people, and I’m glad to be a part of it, and they saw what they needed to include me.”

Episode one of Power Book III: Raising Kanan will premiere on Jul 18, 2021, on Starz

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Written by Landon Buford

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