Jukebox Locked Eyes With Her Mother, Kenya, Before Running Out Of The Church Where She Directs Her Choir


Jukebox was left to mourn the death of her girlfriend, who accidentally overdosed on bad medicine, but her father’s violence, Marvin, left her stunned. She is close to her cousin Kanan and aunt Raq, but these relationships can also be tested once her mother, Kenya [LeToya Luckett], is back onstage.

Mekai Curtis notes that Jukebox usually holds the family together like glue, but season 2 will make her try to figure things out. It’s affecting her dynamics with Raq, too.

“This is a mother who decided to leave her child at a very young age,” says Patrina Miller. “For Raq, who is all about family, it’s not a good thing that her mom is back in the picture. But Raq is trying to be there for Jukebox and help her navigate that as a mother. I say it’s a little difficult for Raq.” Fans will also watch Marvin struggle to make amends with Jukebox while dealing with Kenya’s return. It won’t be easy for any of them.’

In episode two of Raising Kanan season two, Jukebox was given the address of where her mother Kenya was staying from Detective Shannon Burke and after the Jukebox was leaving the car, Buke told her she owns her.

Jukebox would go to the address and scout things out from afar, and in episode three, she would follow Kenya into a church where she was directing the choir until she turned around and locked eyes with her daughter. Before Jukebox would run away and Kenya attempted to go after her.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Hailey Kilgore who plays Jukebox in the Raising Kanan series talked about her character relationship with her mother Kenya [LaToya Luckett].

“The cool thing about those two is that they’re figuring their own lives out, and they’re coming together at a very interesting time in their lives,” Hailey said. “And so it’s really exciting to see how they find each other and how that relationship unfolds.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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